New Website is launched!

Posted on Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I have launched my new site and I am so excited with how it turned out and where this space will take me. I will be blogging from that space from now on, so to continue to follow my blogging adventures go to Thank you for following my creative journey and can't wait to share the new projects I am working on, always high vibing to the moon and back, xo

New Site Coming Soon!

Posted on Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Hello my friends! I haven't had time to blog in a while because I have been finishing up some projects which I am excited to release and see come to completion. The first one was a short film called Harvest Moon which I co-wrote and co-produced and filmed back in the beautiful fall time up north at my cottage. You can find out more about the project and watch the trailer: here! Also I have been working hard on my brand new website, I am excited to put everything into one site and will be doing more blog posts and styled shoots. When the new site is released this blogger space will automatically re-direct to the new site, in the meantime you can see a sneak peek on my coming soon page, everything will be at   I have a beautiful new brand, logo and fun design pieces on the new site, designed by the unbelievably talented Paige of Studio Bicyclette... and I am so thrilled to be sharing more of the things I love and how to connect more with me, get ready for all the magic and moon talks with even more magic! 

Also I am going on a really exciting trip next week, a southern road trip with two of my besties (both Aussies) we are going to the Catskills in Upstate New York, Wilmington North Carolina, Savannah, and Nashville. I am also partnering with one of my faves Society6 and doing a travel blog post with many of their goodies. I will be blogging the trip on my new space and for Society6's blog but you can follow along my journey on my instagram, @anaalic. I picked up some really cool pieces and cannot wait to do some summery styled shoots. Until then hang tight for more content and enjoy these mood boards Paige created for my new site!! Hope everyone is surviving mercury retrograde, lets keep high vibing through this time and know that everything is illuminated in this time for our highest good, xo 

Spring Equinox

Posted on Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Spring has arrived and as I type this my window is open in the kitchen, sun is streaming through and my wild flowers on my farm table are catching the light. That transition between winter and summer is so rough! I tried to focus on finishing projects, I want to start fresh with new creative ventures in April, so you'll be hearing some rumblings about a short film that is almost done (watch out for my film Harvest Moon).  I am excited for all things new and fresh, bike rides and my jean jacket, I've been away from good old faithful for way too long. So what the heck is happening in the cosmos right now with this new spring awakening? 

Intuition - feeling more intuitive these days? I have been cultivating more intuition over the past couple of months. Working on trust and surrender and meditation. For me it comes in as soft whispers and there is a feeling attached. More meditation can clear the mind so you don't doubt the ideas coming in. Follow that gut feeling. 

Intentions - add to your yearly intention list. I have a list of things I want to create for 2017 and I will be adding to it and changing some things. I have already crossed some things off: travel and get paid for it, a road trip (coming up in April and I forgot I put it on my list!), financial abundance, positive self love, my own creative business/website (which is in the works). It is so fun to leave a list and come back to it to see what has manifested! 

Imagination - see this alliteration going on...spring is the time for day dreaming and planning for the abundance of summer. I have been imagining all of the travels I will soon be going on and how to create while traveling. I will be taking so many photos on my southern road trip and will instagram often to share all the cool places we have rented (psst one of them is a horse farm!!). I also plan to go back to the homeland this summer with my family, tons of summer beach posts on the Adriatic to come. I think Jamaica set a precedent for the beginning of the year that this is the year of travel for me, and so much of it tied to creative work! 

I am excited to share this photo shoot I did for my upcoming new site (designed by none other than Studio Bicyclette woo!). You may see some of these photos incorporated in the design but I loved them so much I wanted to share them earlier because its Spring! I borrowed some beautiful frocks from my fave gals at Studio Fitzroy, they have the most gorgeous dresses and it's all about renting. Better for the planet and encourages a sharing model which I love and totally can get behind. My bestie and go-to gal for makeup came up with this beautiful sunset makeup that represented me and my vibe. Alison Sharp is the best in the biz and my bestie and took the photos! Love these ladies for life. 

Clothing rental: Fitzroy Boutique
Makeup and Photos: Alison Sharp
Styling: Ana Alic

High Vibing

Posted on Friday, 10 March 2017

High vibing has become part of my daily vocabulary, so much so that even my roommate has adopted it and it has become a normal term at her work! I really feel like I came up with the term (I know I didn't ha) and it means getting yourself into a higher vibration, turning it into a verb: high vibing. So what does that really mean? Every thought and feeling has a vibration, like dialling to a different radio station you can pick up on a different frequency. High vibing  is raising that frequency so you can vibe with the cosmos and bring in more positive things. Like attracts like, so if we are a beacon of higher vibration we will draw in more. Here are some ways that I practice high vibing! Also it's so much fun to say, let's get high, vibing...

Notice your thoughts
What you are thinking will change your mood and your feelings. Notice when you have negative thoughts how your body reacts and how you feel, a spiral of negative thoughts can made you feel sluggish and tired and unmotivated. Well the same thing happens when we think positive. That is actively choosing the better feeling thoughts. It is all connected, change your thoughts and you change your feelings. 

Eat your greens
Did you ever think food might have a vibration. I am a firm believer that food is medicine and really affects everything in my body and mind. When you eat organic fruits and vegetables and make healthy meals you just feel better. When you eat processed food how do you feel? And our feelings are tied to our thoughts and the other way around. It will also make those times you do indulge that much better. Bright vibrant foods have high vibrations so eat that kale salad and drink that blueberry smoothie. 

I talk about the importance of meditation in pretty much every blog post I write but I can't repeat it enough! Meditating is like waking up with a fresh start, you clear your mind and make way for brighter thoughts. It is the best way to start the day and will definitely raise your vibe. 

Create ritual
I love creating ritual in my life all the time. I light candles and incense when I am doing yoga in my apartment, right now I am obsessed with Smells Like Canada incense, if you are an incense lover get the Calgary Rawhide one, so so good! Yoga is so good for the mind and body but you know that, add some high vibing atmosphere while you do it and see how you feel. You can create ritual around anything, it's just a matter of setting time for yourself and what you love and then adding some extra beauty to it. 

Escape to the woods or ocean
There is nothing like truly disconnecting from our social media and exploring nature. You will be high vibing by just taking in the sights. Escape the city for a weekend camping trip, build a fire and just do some star gazing, play some music, or just bring along a friend who plays music and zen out. Nature brings creativity and the high vibes and who doesn't want that! 

High vibing is really about better feeling thoughts and bringing joy into your life no matter your current situation, there is always a way you can create a better day. And once you start high vibing you wont want to stop, and what can be better than a natural high! Also flower crowns, I high vibe when I wear them. Happy high vibing! 

Jamaica Love

Posted on Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Everything about my trip to Jamaica was magic. The way I received it, the people I met and had soulful conversations on our veranda with and the lush and vibrant scenery was all magic. You can feel the mysticism when you are there, maybe it's the vibe of the people, or the history, or maybe it's the gorgeous landscape and the pastel sunsets, so much beauty its hard to digest it all. 

So how did I land in Jamaica? It was the dream job, being flown to a tropical location to do a job you love surrounded by insanely talented humans who were all kind and wise and shared beautiful stories. There were a ton of struggles as an actor this year, just trying to keep motivated and keep moving forward. And it was through a three week social media cleanse that I auditioned and booked this magical commercial job. It was also something I wrote on a list right before the new year that I knew I wanted to create. It was like the universe saying hey girl we hear you, keep going, beautiful things can happen. 

I would wake up and sit on our porch drinking my coffee and looking out at the ocean and chatting with my new friends and just in total awe and amazement that we were there. And we all felt that we were suppose to be there, a reminder that the things that are for you will be for you. Keep the vibrancy of your work going, be passionate in your mind, let the pieces fall into place because you never know when you will end up in Jamaica, or your version of it!

If you want to keep updated on my blog posts and my upcoming new website, follow me on instagram: @anaalic I cannot wait to share the new site with you and continue writing about all my loves: travel, environment, fashion, film and the moon, always the moon. 

Self Love for Valentine's Day

Posted on Sunday, 12 February 2017

Let's cultivate self love every day and then remind ourselves on the love day itself, Valentine's Day. It's taken me many years to do this thing called self love that so many of my spiritual gurus preach, and preach they should! It has become a daily cultivation, takes work and care, as it shall be, because when we can love ourselves truly we can love others better, we can love our planet better, we can love and be love. We all have that negative chatter in our minds telling us we aren't worthy of love, and it flows in and out, exhales and inhales, but we can change the dialogue, change the love pattern in our own minds. By just being we are worthy of self love. With so much turbulence in the world right now there's never been a more important time, because loving others starts with loving oneself. With Valentine's Day, the ultimate day of love, let's choose this day to celebrate ourselves!! Whatever your relationship status lets take the day to show ourselves some love, and hey getting some flowers never hurt either (ahem I love flowers). 

So how can we be the love we want to see in the world and have a beautiful love filled day? Here are some love tips for how I cultivate self love.

Start your day with coffee and some gratitude. We are here in this beautiful planet spinning in orbit with all the stars and our very own moon! Find something, anything that you are grateful for and watch as it expands. It can be as simple as I am grateful for the sunshine today, shift your perspective and find that little beautiful something. You alone can decide what that is and no one can take it away. This love day I am grateful for finding things that I love and celebrating the day on my own and loving it. 

Rid yourself of comparison 
Something truly magical happened when I stopped comparing myself to others. And I mean real magic. In January I took a social media break for 3 weeks and for that time there really wasn't anything online that I would compare my life to. I was left with more time, more of my own thoughts and plenty of space to meditate. This made me more focused and kept me high vibing which turned into me booking a job in Jamaica! Now are these events linked? I really don't know, but all I know is that I felt better about myself, took time to cultivate love for myself and then something beautiful happened in my life. I wrote a list at the beginning of the year of all the things I waned to create this year and on that list was travel and get paid for it...and it happened! Now I am back on social media and I do find so much inspiration and value in it, I think balance is key and knowing yourself enough to take a little breather when the comparison starts brewing. There is no one in the world like you and there never will be, find the magic in that. 

Follow your bliss
The world is abundant. It may not feel like that sometimes but I choose to have a mindset that abundance is all around us. I choose to think this way, and choose is the optimal word here. We can choose to see something a different way. If this is all true then we all have the ability to do the things we love. I have found that I feel so much love and bliss when I am taking a photo, traveling to tropical places, having late night chats with my Aussie roommate, working on a script, being on set, hiking in the woods, hosting a moon party... I always try to follow the pulls in my heart, what do I love, what calls me? These things bring love into my life and let self love float into my world. 

Celebrate other love
What love story do you admire? What love story do you want to cultivate? Imagine it, cherish it, believe it, bless it, thank the stars that you can witness examples of it and if it calls to you, then it's meant for you as well.

Be of love a little more careful than of anything - E.E. Cummings

This Valentine's Day I am celebrating me! wearing beautiful lingerie pieces that I love from my lady love Jordan de Ruiter. I will be setting aside time to meditate, buy myself some flowers, eat candy and watch a cheesy rom-com and loving every moment of finally settling into a time in my life where I love my life, my journey and...myself. 

Lingerie by Jordan de Ruiter