Posted on Friday, 7 March 2014

"You get in this life what you have the courage to ask for." Oprah

This idea of courage has been floating around for me today. The courage to take a leap of faith, the courage to change a course of action and the courage to accept the inevitable changes in life. When confronted with such things I have realized how fearful I am. I am afraid of rocking the boat, afraid of making the wrong move and even afraid of writing this blog. Yes even writing this makes me a little afraid, like what if people are actually reading this! But the more I learn about myself and the world the more I know that things don't progress without courage. 

Most scenes in my current script come directly from my life. It is sometimes hard to write, to replay painful memories, to share such intimate details and to even discuss a relationship that's wounds have yet to heal. So why do it, why share my story? First off I wanted to tell a different story, one that was not perfect and one in which the girl fought for something, even if that something was an understanding and love for herself. My hope with all my work and even my teeny tiny space here is that you can relate to the story, and in that we can continue this cycle of connection and compassion. 

a new creative space

Posted on Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My name is Ana and welcome to my new blog: Ana Loves. I want this space to be a true depiction of life as an artist: the pain, the sorrow, the pure elated moments of joy, the creative vulnerability, the days spent eating rice for days because you used your grocery money to buy gas to get to your audition, the comrades you meet that defend you until the end of days, the love stories you make and the amazing stillness and creative energy heartbreak can bring. I want to write it all, share my story and her story and bring you along the journey of writing my first feature film along with all the other projects I seem to fall into(like a television pilot script, but ill talk about that another day). My life is beautiful and its spontaneous and the basis of many of my scripts.

As I sit her anxiously in my cold apartment I watch the sun set over the Toronto landscape, listening to Andy Shauf's covered in dust on repeat, and I thank God for the ability to do what I love.

photo credit to my beautiful friend Scarlet O'Neill