my new friend, synchonicity

Posted on Monday, 5 May 2014

The other night my friend Andrea and I were walking to the dakota tavern to meet up with my lovely friend Scarlet who invited us out to see the band The Beauties perform. We had no pre conceived notions of the night, no major plans, just an inkling that we should check it out because why not? As we were walking to the bar I looked up at the night sky and to my amazement there was a crescent moon. I immediately exclaimed "there's a crescent moon, my synchronicity!" For anyone that doesn't know the meaning a synchronicity is the ability of life to give us beautiful signs that we are on the right path. These signs are different for everyone and can be anything you decide them to be. I see them as fun things that pops up from time to time, always bringing me joy because I have a deep knowing that it means things are working themselves out. 

My night ended up being a series of blissful encounters, incredible music, joyous dancing and meaningful connections with friends. It was amazing to feel present in the moment and really take in what was happening right there and then resulting in a beautiful night, one of those nights you want to have every night. 

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