Monday Mantra ~ Set you free

Posted on Monday, 4 August 2014

Procrastination is fear. I read that on a blog today and thought how true that statement is. When we put off doing things for "the right time" we are simply afraid. Afraid of the outcome, afraid of failing, afraid we don't have the right resources and afraid of what other people will think. But that fear is not real, it's something we create in our mind, conditions and stories we tell ourselves. But you are capable of being and doing anything you feel called to do, you just need to start. You will never truly be ready for anything, so why not start? It is really as simple as doing one small act a day. And this could be anything: research, an email, a phone call, asking for advice, reading a book on the topic...and eventually one thing will lead to another and another until you reach your goal.

I will tell you something I am afraid of. This september 21st there is a people's climate march that is happening because the heads of state are meeting in New York for a climate summit. There will be groups congregating all over but mainly in New York. I have signed up for this march and upon researching if a march is occurring in Toronto I have yet to find one. Which leads me to possibly creating one if I do not find an organization already starting one. This is so terrifying to me but I know that it is something I need to be a part of. To find out more about this go to 

Anyone with more information on this or would like to join me in this endeavour and in the Toronto area, email me!

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