Posted on Thursday, 7 August 2014

The People's Climate March is happening September 21st and I will definitely be there for this monumental moment in history. I have been a huge supporter and follower of the incredible organization Avaaz, a community that brings to light and impacts causes all over the world. When they sent out an email several weeks ago asking what the community thinks would be a great way to share the message of the upcoming People's Climate March, I wrote to them with the idea of a video campaign giving a face to the climate change cause. I feel like many people had the same idea and was thrilled to receive an email asking everyone in the community to send a clip for Avaaz's climate video: #worthsaving. It's amazing to see this online community band together and create tangible change. I jumped at the chance to create my video submission, filming in my favourite location in High Park, a gorgeous rural escape in the heart of Toronto. Here is the video that I created with the help of my super talented photographer neighbour Sarjoun Faour.

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