girls gone nashville diary part 1: ohio

Posted on Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Oh this trip, this trip stole my heart, expanded it and kept little pieces of it in all the places we visited. Scarlet and I had been planning this road trip/photo shoot for the entire summer. Anticipating something happening at the end of the summer somewhat makes you want to rush through the coveted summer nights, a longing to explore a place I have always wanted to visit. Before our trip I knew there was something about this place my soul recognized, call it deja vu, call it intuition, call it anything you like, with no real reason why I knew Nashville was a place for me. The entire planning of this trip was very serendipitous, another indication of the idea that you are exactly in the place you are suppose to be. Somehow on the last week of August all of our lives (Sarah, Scarlet, Genevieve and myself) seemed to stand still for us to take this journey. On the road we soon discovered why, a bond was formed so swiftly and easily that the only way we could describe it was sisterhood. It's beautiful the way life can bring you events and people when you allow, when you just flow with the river instead of paddling upstream. 
Our first stop on this road trip was Ohio's Amish country. When I first discussed this with people before our departure they just asked why Ohio? What is there? I am the type of person that likes adventure and discovering secret gems, I just knew there was something special about this country escape that was perfect for us to unwind, to disconnect and to get back to nature. And I also knew that it is the company you keep that makes a great trip and you can really find beauty anywhere, so Ohio's stillness, picturesque farms and not to mention the largest Amish community in the country intrigued me to say the least.

We were en route to the Darling Dana-Lynn camper in the heart of Millersburg, Ohio - our first stop on what I could call our Airbnb tour (we rented 3 places from Airbnb within 5 days). The location was off the beaten path, trading the highway for country roads on a beautiful and perfect August day. Listening to the likes of Ryan Adams, Bahamas, and Hannah Georgas, we allowed our GPS to guide us through winding roads of country, majestic farms, green grass, rolling hills and historical homes with large porches are all we saw for miles, and it was perfect. We took our time, letting the surroundings sink in and stopping many times for coffee breaks. As we started to approach 'magic hour' and we were still a ways away from our destination, Scarlet and I knew we had to find an impromptu location for our first shoot. Luckily I had the outfits planned and luckily we found ourselves on a dead end street that also happened to have the most incredible landscape. With trust and a bond already formed we all jumped out of the car, changed in the middle of the road (with houses right in front) and hurried into someone's farm property for our first photo shoot. We could have easily gotten kicked out but we didn't, we took the chance and the result was perfect golden light and a stunning backdrop for our photos. 
As the golden sun slowly set over the hills we continued on our journey, driving through Nashville, Ohio. I loved seeing all the synchronicities on our trip, like this Nashville sign. It wasn't too long after that we arrived in the tiny but pretty town of Millersburg, history seeping through its veins with statues of soldiers and antique shops at every corner. We stopped for dinner at Bags sports pub (one of two restaurants in town), stocked up on wifi and rescued Scarlet and Sarah from a locked bathroom as the restaurant was getting ready to close. We then made an important stop at the local Wal Mart where we purchased the essentials for our camping night: Blue Moon beer, coconut strips, granola bars, dried apricots and chocolate. 

Dusk had vanished and it was dark out, the perfect time for us to find a camper in the middle of Amish no. Luckily our GPS led us to our host's property and I was sent very detailed instructions on how to arrive to the camper: past the mailboxes, over the bridge, stay right when you hit the fork in the road and through the grass path. Our first attempt almost led us into a ditch and we all screamed in terror as Scarlet skillfully backed out of what wasn't the real grass path. We then found the right path which was lined with thick trees and no lights, yes the beginning to the Amytiville horror, or any other horror movie for that matter. We all screamed in terror, not knowing what we would find at the end of this very dark grass road. Suddenly we saw the glimmer of a camper, adorned with twinkly lights, bunting banners and scented candles awaiting our arrival. Our screams turned to shrieks of pure joy as we found our magical oasis. This camper was so uniquely decorated, something you would surely see on some trendy bloggers pinterest, decked out in antiques, garden gnomes, hanging lights, vintage jars, wild flowers and a zucchini patch. 

We settled in for the night, having a couple cinnamon infused Blue Moon beers and shared beautiful conversation under a bed of stars. It was a tranquil moment, as I got lost in the sounds of the forest and gazing up to the wonder of our universe. Everything was perfect in that moment and we were truly present to life's beautiful surprises. All of our worries washed away and we were transported into another time and place, where magic seemed to be real and love was our only currency. 
Location: Millersburg, Ohio
Photos by: Ana
Lace dress by Free People, green maxi dress from Violet Crown Vintage, white/embroidered dress by Sugarlips and accessories from Bicyclette Boutique

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