monday mantra ~ grow like wild flowers

Posted on Monday, 1 September 2014

I was surrounded by wild flowers in Ohio. It was the first stop on our #girlsgonenashville trip and we stayed in the most beautiful, magical, fairy camper under a bed of stars surrounded by forest and wild flowers. It was intuition and faith that brought us to this magical spot, when you let life lead you to new places its miraculous what you can find. The camper was located in front of a field of wild flowers and our gracious host adorned the inside of our camper with these flowers is antique vases and mason jars. It was the perfect bohemian getaway, as if the place was calling the 4 of us, needing us to bring creative spirit to its sacred location. These flowers are a symbol of our whole trip, taking a leap by travelling with new people, discovery new places with wonder and an open mind, flowing with the experience and allowing ourselves to be taken to wherever we should be. We had a mantra to just "go with it", changing our plans and the shoots to fit with the surroundings and because we were fluid, unexpected magic was created. So just like those wild flowers that grow in places you would never expect, you can also grow in places that you wouldn't expect by having an open mind and an open heart and listening to the whispers within guiding you to a field of wild flowers.

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