Bohemian fall

Posted on Thursday, 23 October 2014

Any ounce of creativity I have I owe to my mom! She has always loved fashion, managed a clothing store back in the day and always has impeccable style. I love hanging out with my mom and I love that we can work on creative shoots together. Whenever I have something to make for anyone of my projects my mom is the first person I call, so ya she's my go-to and can make pretty much anything my crazy mind comes up with. 

It was the most gorgeous and perfect fall day so we couldn't resist taking a small drive to the country for a very boho shoot. I am so excited about the silver head crown I made from a vintage ankle bracelet I found, this will definitely be making an appearance in an upcoming shoot!

aberfoyle antique market

Posted on Monday, 20 October 2014

It is pretty obvious that I take my antiquing seriously. This is something I have loved to do for as long as I can remember. I think it comes from my childhood days of exploring abandoned and historic homes. There was this abandoned house at the end of my street that happened to be the oldest house in Halton, built in 1816. I would walk down through the pitch black cellar and then up the stairs to the house and open it for the rest of my friends, this seems terrifying to me now. We would explore the house, looking through boxes of old magazines and photos and checking out the children's height markings on the wall, dating back to at least 100 years. This one time on the property we wanted to scare off the boys who came to spy on us and we pretended to be witches holding a seance in the middle of the big oak trees. 

I have been to the Aberfoyle market before but haven't been back in a couple years. My antiquing use to be a solo affair but I have since found friends who also love it, so Andrea and I woke up bright and early and made our way to the market (after a night of watching the new Nicholas Sparks movie, I realize we sound like 80 year old craft club women). I was on a mission to find an old but functioning film camera and a turquoise ring, both were found.  The market was bigger than I remembered and had a combination of indoor and outdoor vendors. I could spend hours perusing the old treasures, asking about their origins and getting lost in an old world. Give me an antique market, fresh coffee and an antiquing companion and I have my perfect Sunday. 

beautiful failure

Posted on Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I had the afternoon off from work, a rarity these days. I live for these precious moments and have to remember to take them more often. Living an artist life means barely making it month to month or working odd jobs to make it each month but then loosing so much time to work on, well your art! So when I get these quiet moments to myself and I should be cleaning or sleeping all I want to do is create. So for this afternoon I did an impromptu shoot because I had left over flowers from all the events of the weekend and have always wanted to experiment with making a flower crown. In a not so proper flower crown making way I managed to put something together that was very beautiful. You can't even see the pink tape I used to attached the flowers together. Funny how that resembles life, always trying to hide the flaws and mask it with perfection. But what if the flaws were perfect, every mistake and every failure setting us up to be exactly where we should be.

I recently submitted one of my scripts to a screenwriting competition and I was so confident that I would at least make the list of 30 semifinalists. Well I didn't and when I found out I felt it, I felt the pains of "maybe I shouldn't do this, maybe Im not good?" We are always looking for approval, someone to tell us that something is good or that we are good. But if something calls to you at a soul level then you should be doing it, period. Gone with the Wind was rejected 38 times and Harry Potter was rejected 12 times before they were published and we all know their legacy.

I have these grand plans for my life, my feature film that I want to get into a big festival and win all these accolades because it will prove to people that I have made it, that I am seen as a serious and talented actor and writer. Or at least that's what my ego wants. And what if that doesn't happen? Does it diminish my work in any way? It surely doesn't and that is what I need to remember. Success is working towards a goal. Failure is the beauty of the attempt, it shows you things you could never have seen without it. Our goal should always be happiness and that is something you can choose at any moment.

"Live as to be detached from the outcome, do it all because it resonates with your highest self in response to your beseeching inner voice, not because of rewards that may come your way." Wayne Dyer 

girls gone nashville video diary

Posted on Thursday, 9 October 2014

Life is all about experiences and the people you share them with. Our Nashville road trip has left an imprint on us, giving us a time and place where we were free to express our creativity, to laugh, to share, to care, to bond, to connect, to escape and to ultimately experience a new place together. Before leaving Sarah gave the four of us leather bracelets, mine was tied in a very tight and secure knot and has not left my hand since. I see this little reminder every day, reminding me to breathe and to escape to a place where I felt present and free.

This video is a string of experiences, such a beautiful reminder of life being perfect in every moment. We sometimes forget that, that life is a series of perfect moments, we just need to see them.

Girls Gone Nashville from The Diamond Life on Vimeo.

colourful fall

Posted on Thursday, 2 October 2014

I am really into colour, especially when the weather is dreary. Turquoise really is a neutral for me, I could wear this colour all the time and anytime. I did a quick shoot with my good friend and super talented photographer/videographer Patrick Moore. He is such a rad guy, he has so many tattoos, drives a sweet bike, looks super tough but is the sweetest guy! His work is really cool and edgy and he knows his style, which to me is such an important element to being a talented artist. He is working on a rebrand of his site and creating a really great portfolio video which he shot a small part of that with me at the Scarborough Bluffs. And since Im terrified of heights I thought it was a great idea! not so much, but we got the shot despite my fear and frizzy hair. Here are some photos from the shoot, Im wearing my favourite new Reverse sweater from Fitzroy Boutique and new skirt from Bicyclette Boutique.