girls gone nashville video diary

Posted on Thursday, 9 October 2014

Life is all about experiences and the people you share them with. Our Nashville road trip has left an imprint on us, giving us a time and place where we were free to express our creativity, to laugh, to share, to care, to bond, to connect, to escape and to ultimately experience a new place together. Before leaving Sarah gave the four of us leather bracelets, mine was tied in a very tight and secure knot and has not left my hand since. I see this little reminder every day, reminding me to breathe and to escape to a place where I felt present and free.

This video is a string of experiences, such a beautiful reminder of life being perfect in every moment. We sometimes forget that, that life is a series of perfect moments, we just need to see them.

Girls Gone Nashville from The Diamond Life on Vimeo.

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