field of dreams

Posted on Sunday, 23 November 2014

"When it is time for us to go forward in our lives, we simple GO and it is effortless - retrograde or no retrograde, isms or no isms. When life decides it's time for us to step into our 'next phase,' there is absolutely nothing that will stop that forward momentum. Nothing. When it is time - the very ground beneath our feet will move to get us wherever we need to be." Danielle Egnew

I discovered Danielle's book by accident when I was searching for a different book I had read on a recent trip. This is one of the daily lessons she writes about in the book. Timing was an essential element to our Nashville trip. The four of us stepping into new chapters of our lives and perfectly aligned at the moment to take a trip together, to know each other, to create with each other. For me it felt like familiar grounds, this field we found at a dead end, the camper where we slept under the stars and our adventures in Nashville, there was a strong familiarity to it all and I knew the timing was just right.

Present and still, lost in nature and wandering about this new land, I felt the power of being fully alive in a moment. You know that bliss that people talk about when your mind is clear and at ease and when you can just look around you with wonder and awe, I felt that bliss. It's the moment where life flows effortlessly in and you feel connected to your souls calling. Something about this place and about this creativity is a part of that. Scarlet O'Neill captured that essence beautifully, she was also connected to her calling, and that is the beauty of timing.


Photos by Scarlet O'Neill
Styling by Ana Alic
Genevieve, Sarah, Scarlet and Ana 

farewell, bicyclette

Posted on Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bicyclette is more than a clothing's a family. I have been a part of the Bicyclette family for a couple years now and although we are saying goodbye to the store, the family will live on. I remember the moment it all started, I was at an audition and saw Emily (store manager and muse) and asked her who was at the store while she was there? She told me she closed up shop to go to the audition and the idea came into my mind right then, I could offer to watch the store whenever they needed! And that is how I started working there. And if it wasn't that occurrence I know it would be something else, because I know I was meant to be a part of this family.

Imagine a group of stylish and insanely creative girls all hanging out together, working together and being each others champions, THAT is the essence of Bicyclette. A group of women who believe in collaboration over competition, who help each other, who love each other and who want to create beautiful magical moments, usually involving glitter. Paige created a community that made you feel incredible and at home when you walked through the shop doors, it is a fairy-tale oasis where magic is real and it is encouraged. She also supported us and always believed in our dreams and was always kind and thoughtful, the characteristics of a great leader. Paige would always bring back something special from her buying trips that made her think of us, she has a compassionate heart and cares deeply about the people in her life. It was an honour to work alongside these women and its a privilege to call them my friends.

We created so many special projects together, it was always "what can we dream up next?" One of my favourites was the "90 days" short film project. Including our favourite creatives we set out to make a short film that celebrated summer love and our city. That short film was our love letter to our community and to each other.

As I look back at all the Bicyclette adventures I had I can see that I was exactly where I needed to be. I was a part of a community that was so cherished and loved, that brought me some of my dearest friends, that gave me skills and expanded my creativity, that introduced me to so many incredible women! I was also able to create a blog series with Paige called "Girl Crush" in which I interviewed inspiring women that are passionate and have a zest for life. This was one of my favourite things that I was able to create for the blog, to learn from women all over the world and to introduce them to the Bicyclette community. Here is a couple snippets from these intelligent and insightful babes:

"Listen, I’m a pisces, an English major, a dreamer, whatever you want to call it. I worked a super corporate job for three months once where I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans to the office and it was my personal form of hell. Truthfully the one thing I think I’m pretty good at is being a lazy, uber-casual, boundary-less good for nothing who just wants to talk about boys, clothes and feelings.  I guess that comes across in all things SFB…" Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride
"Life is not a straight life. Which makes me (& all of us) ever evolving works of h’art. Wabi sabi. Perfectly imperfect. Always changing. It’s really about learning to love the process, and that’s what h’arting and living is all about to me." Kate Durie, creator of 'The Gratitude Kit'
"DON’T GIVE UP.  DON’T FORGET WHO YOU ARE.  DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED.  Be whole hearted in your love for your life and the service you know you are here to give and then just keep giving. Give what you got till you bleed. Life will give back once life knows you are serious.  Then, watch the glitter come rushing in. Confusion will occur, but a strong full-hearted belief in what you love will shine through it all." Tiffany Pratt, designer, stylist all around creative guru
There will be many more goodbyes as we end this chapter with an incredible sendoff and a holiday lookbook. More from me in the coming months about my special boutique, Bicyclette.
"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Winston Churchill

Photos 1,2,3 Sarah Shreves
Photos 4,9,10,11 Scarlet O'Neill
Photos 5,6,7,8 Sian Melton 

grace design

Posted on Saturday, 15 November 2014

This new styling journey seemed to sweep into my life, an extension of who I am and what I love. I love the process of creation, taking a single idea and even an inkling of an idea and dreaming of it coming to life. I love to be a part of the process, my strengths in finding the perfect location come from intuition and my attention to detail, then combining all the other elements to make a cohesive story. After my Nashville styling adventure I knew I wanted to do more...

Alison Gledhil, the designer and creator of Grace Design, had a strong vision. Her design skills, appreciation of tradition, her incredible collection and clear intentions made it so easy to see that vision. We discussed the themes of the lookbook shoot: folklore, nomadic, tradition, bohemian, and mystical. These ideas pulled me in and we started to craft the landscape of this vision. I knew location was essential (I always believe location is essential) and a horse ranch I have always wanted to visit jumped into my mind, on purpose I believe. It was decided right then, we needed a horse and we needed to use that ranch. I was able to book the ranch and everything else seemed to flow into place. Scarlet O'Neill (my always collaborator) was excited to create this vision and was perfect for it, Murphy MacDonald-Rea's beauty and mystery not to mention her crazy amazing long hair was the perfect choice (and she has the coolest name) and Alison Sharp killed it with the makeup and hair design, she understands story and her talents are unparalleled. The dream team was set, each of us having the right skills for the right part and everything blended in the most perfect way that I knew this shoot would exceed my expectations, and it did in a big way!

Alison's collection was heavily influenced by her trip to Morocco. She incorporates vintage fabrics from Morocco and other exotic locations to her purses. She weaves history and ancient tradition into all of her designs, making each purse unique with their own story. Her passion and expertise is seen in the quality of her line, rich with texture and has tradition woven into its seems while remaining the perfect companion for any modern look. To witness this passion and to be able to work alongside people who truly love what they do is such a gift to me. I also couldn't be more grateful to have worked with such incredible women. Celebrating women, collaborating and complimenting each others talents is what it's all about, it's what makes these projects extraordinary.

Designer and Creative Director: Alison Gledhil
Photography: Scarlet O'Neill
Model: Murphy MacDonald-Rea
Makeup Artist: Alison Sharp
Styling: Ana Alic 

wanderlust in Clifton, Ohio

Posted on Wednesday, 12 November 2014

This is the third road trip I have taken in about three months. I have a serious case of wanderlust, to escape the daily routine, shut off my phone and hit the open road to explore places I haven't been, explore things about myself I haven't known. On this trip I travelled alone, 8 hours of reflection and solo car soul needed this adventure which was only reconfirmed when I arrived in Clifton, Ohio. I stayed in the Clifton Garden Cabin, kitschy and quaint, it had everything your Ohio cabin dreams are made of. Surrounded by expansive farms, picturesque houses, a large garden (in the warmer months) and large porch. To quiet the mind and recharge this was the perfect location, everything about it was cozy and beautiful, it felt like home.

This town had the same amount of charm, it's a little difficult to describe such a unique place, you need to explore it with your own eyes and heart. This is a place where everyone would know your name, your story, your life, they want to know you and you want to know them. We walked around the town and talked to the locals, one couple in particular really warmed my heart, they owned an antique store in town, the woman was 100 years old and attributed her good health to a healthy dose of vitamins every day and her husband recited jokes and antecdotes. I took their photo, a reminder of how I want my life to look like at 100 because they had a good one.

With such beautiful locations I wanted to do a little styling post. This is a gas station museum located next to the historic Clifton Mill. My affliction for old buildings never wavers, I seek them out like gold and want to know their stories. It reminds me of a quote I read at the antique store, scribbled on a piece of paper on top of an old chest, "I like old things that time has proven strong and good and tried and fine. I like old things, they have a depth unknown by anything thats new." Here I'm wearing my navy blue lace top that you will recognize from a previous styling post. I believe in finding beautiful pieces you love and wearing them in different ways, I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to fashion, hence my love of vintage pieces. The skirt and belt are both vintage and the hat and lace shirt comes from Bicyclette.

full beaver moon

Posted on Thursday, 6 November 2014

The full moon names originate from the Native Americans and continued by European settlers. Tribes would track the seasons by giving names to each one and each had its own sacred meaning.

November's full moon (November 6th) is referred to as the beaver moon, signifying a time to set beaver traps before swamps froze, allowing a supply of winter furs. Another accepted interpretation comes from the fact that beavers are preparing themselves for winter.

I have always been mesmerized by the different moon cycles and ancient traditions associated with the full moon. Especially since experiencing a head injury on a full moon, I have felt the direct power of their occurrence.

This november full moon represents letting go, change, and tying up loose ends, very fitting for the fall and the preparation before winter. I have experienced this time of change and have embraced its presence in my life, flowing with my life as opposed to fighting the currents that have come in. There is a moon purging ritual that is all about manifesting for next year that people perform on this day. It is the act of letting go of things that no longer serve you. There are many versions of this ritual but I will be using some white sage, lighting a candle and writing down a list of things I want to create and do next year. Meditation is also an amazing way to celebrate this full moon, just taking a moment to appreciate the wonder in our lives.

lovely lace

Posted on Saturday, 1 November 2014

I had such a beautiful and creative week styling a lookbook shoot that is so near and dear to me, something I have been working on for the past month! I will be sharing those photos and more about the designer soon on the blog. In the meantime I did a quick and fun shoot with my roommate and bestie Andrea. This girl is like a sister to me and one of the most compassionate and loving people I know and sometimes she lets me style her. Since fall is such a romantic time of year I wanted to incorporate lace into our looks. I wore this outfit to the premiere of my dear dear friend Hayden's feature film 'The Film Student' which was so original, hilarious and incredible. I am so proud of his accomplishment and loved seeing my short cameo as the unimpressed bartender. I cant wait for everyone to see this film!