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Posted on Sunday, 23 November 2014

"When it is time for us to go forward in our lives, we simple GO and it is effortless - retrograde or no retrograde, isms or no isms. When life decides it's time for us to step into our 'next phase,' there is absolutely nothing that will stop that forward momentum. Nothing. When it is time - the very ground beneath our feet will move to get us wherever we need to be." Danielle Egnew

I discovered Danielle's book by accident when I was searching for a different book I had read on a recent trip. This is one of the daily lessons she writes about in the book. Timing was an essential element to our Nashville trip. The four of us stepping into new chapters of our lives and perfectly aligned at the moment to take a trip together, to know each other, to create with each other. For me it felt like familiar grounds, this field we found at a dead end, the camper where we slept under the stars and our adventures in Nashville, there was a strong familiarity to it all and I knew the timing was just right.

Present and still, lost in nature and wandering about this new land, I felt the power of being fully alive in a moment. You know that bliss that people talk about when your mind is clear and at ease and when you can just look around you with wonder and awe, I felt that bliss. It's the moment where life flows effortlessly in and you feel connected to your souls calling. Something about this place and about this creativity is a part of that. Scarlet O'Neill captured that essence beautifully, she was also connected to her calling, and that is the beauty of timing.


Photos by Scarlet O'Neill
Styling by Ana Alic
Genevieve, Sarah, Scarlet and Ana 

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