wanderlust in Clifton, Ohio

Posted on Wednesday, 12 November 2014

This is the third road trip I have taken in about three months. I have a serious case of wanderlust, to escape the daily routine, shut off my phone and hit the open road to explore places I haven't been, explore things about myself I haven't known. On this trip I travelled alone, 8 hours of reflection and solo car singing....my soul needed this adventure which was only reconfirmed when I arrived in Clifton, Ohio. I stayed in the Clifton Garden Cabin, kitschy and quaint, it had everything your Ohio cabin dreams are made of. Surrounded by expansive farms, picturesque houses, a large garden (in the warmer months) and large porch. To quiet the mind and recharge this was the perfect location, everything about it was cozy and beautiful, it felt like home.

This town had the same amount of charm, it's a little difficult to describe such a unique place, you need to explore it with your own eyes and heart. This is a place where everyone would know your name, your story, your life, they want to know you and you want to know them. We walked around the town and talked to the locals, one couple in particular really warmed my heart, they owned an antique store in town, the woman was 100 years old and attributed her good health to a healthy dose of vitamins every day and her husband recited jokes and antecdotes. I took their photo, a reminder of how I want my life to look like at 100 because they had a good one.

With such beautiful locations I wanted to do a little styling post. This is a gas station museum located next to the historic Clifton Mill. My affliction for old buildings never wavers, I seek them out like gold and want to know their stories. It reminds me of a quote I read at the antique store, scribbled on a piece of paper on top of an old chest, "I like old things that time has proven strong and good and tried and fine. I like old things, they have a depth unknown by anything thats new." Here I'm wearing my navy blue lace top that you will recognize from a previous styling post. I believe in finding beautiful pieces you love and wearing them in different ways, I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to fashion, hence my love of vintage pieces. The skirt and belt are both vintage and the hat and lace shirt comes from Bicyclette.

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