cabin fever

Posted on Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I am one of those people who love weddings. Everything from the white dress, to the live band, to the hand-made calligraphy name's where my creativity would shine, as my obsession with the perfect blush coloured peonies flowers would go wild. This past year was an exploration of what a loving relationship really is, of the modern day courtship (due in part to my script research) and witnessing my friend's loving relationships around me, an amazing reminder of it's real existence. This new focus had me thinking about the wedding ritual in a different way, letting go of the need for an elaborate and showy party, a return to the essence of who you are as a couple. The beauty of two whole people coming together to join their lives, that should be celebrated in whatever way feels right to you and for me (one day) it will all be based on my unique personality, most likely eloping in a cabin in the woods (so yes I am pretty much living out my dream with this shoot haha).

When Jordan de Ruiter approached me to style her lookbook for the launch of her bridal collection, I felt instant excitement and creativity run through my veins. We discussed various themes and ideas but decided a laid-back, bohemian elopement would bring out the essence of the fun, creative and wild hearted woman that would wear one of Jordan's pieces. Jordan's collection is very versatile and can really be worn for any type of wedding. But it was fun to dream about our shoot couple:

A wild and reckless couple eloping in a kitschy hunter’s cabin in the winter. Laid­back, bohemian with a rustic charm. The couple’s nature is impulsive and free, living life in the moment and living in their own daydream. Their spontaneous nature doesn't deter from their appreciation of art and the classics, traditional silhouettes styled with a bohemian edge. Music, adventure and nature are their callings...opting for an intimate elopement filled with joy, ritual and blissful union and probably a dance party in the kitchen.

Here is some styling inspiration....I cannot wait to create and release the full shoot! xo


Photos from The Lane, Free People, For Love and Lemons 

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