Jordan de Ruiter bridal shoot BTS

Posted on Tuesday, 9 December 2014

"Well, we got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout' 
And we've been talkin' 'bout Jackson, ever since the fire went..." Johnny Cash

If a photo shoot were to ever embody a song this would be it, this right here. Our fictional couple escaped to their family's hunter's cabin, got married "in a fever" and celebrated their love with a homemade cake, some local beer and a spontaneous jam session in the attic. This type of union is all about freedom, the freedom to express your creativity, to wear whatever the heck you want and the freedom to be completely who you are with the one you love. Now that is my kind of union. 

We were like a band on the run, our creative collective consisted of Scarlet O'Neill our pint-sized fiery photography wizard, she bounces around and affectionately calls her male model subjects 'bud' and she commands a photo like no other. Then there is the mama bear genius designer Jordan de Ruiter who I always knew was a super talented visionary but totally surprised me by being able to make anything, like ANYTHING I suggested she whipped up right before my eyes. Fun fact Jordan created all of the jewellery pieces that we used in the shoot. She was born for this. The band would not be complete without our super cool and detail oriented makeup artist Alison Sharp. I have told her on many occasions that she is one of two of my all time favourite makeup artists to work with (two being my always love Sherry Vanstone). Another fun fact Alison and Sherry met in Edmonton and are still besties. Alison just understands story and cam make any look come to life, even from my weird notes like "you know messy braid with like smokey eye and shimmery face" haha she just gets it. And our models Jarret Allan and Sara Smith are just gorgeous and incredible people who were up for anything, even braving the great outdoors and some hanging deer (we were at an actual hunter's cabin, and we got the full experience). Sara's grace and elegance shined through and she's just the nicest, coolest person to work with. Jarret had a blast hanging with the ladies all day, made friends with Jordan's mom and was a good sport when we started to call him crocodile dundee. 

All of Jarret's looks came from the super gracious people at Philistine. I cannot praise that shop enough, the owners are some of the nicest people and their aesthetic and style is incredible. They mix vintage and new perfectly and their shop is so Canadiana and cabin feeling, so naturally they had the exact pieces I was looking for. I am always amazed at how much talent and collaboration we foster here in Toronto, it's been such a blessing to be a part of it. 

Oh ya and I styled the shoot and organized it and worked on the set design, I am pretty proud of this one and so grateful to have my band with me. Now we just need to come up with a name...

Enjoy the behind the scenes photos!! xo

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