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Posted on Wednesday, 31 December 2014

This was a fun year, with still it's many challenges I learned so much about myself and definitely built the foundation and learned how to own who I am! That was a huge thing for me as for so long I felt like life was happening to me instead of the other way around. Recognizing that I could contribute to what happens to me through a spiritual practice of meditation, a positive thought process and visualization has really changed the game for me. This was the year of planting the seeds, I wrote and finished my first feature film script, I discovered a new styling passion and worked with some incredible talents (which I will be showcasing soon on the blog!) I satisfied my wanderlust and went on three road trips, I took chances on love and let people see me for the first time, I started to practice what I preached with environmentalism and continue to look for ways to help in the fight against climate change, I became a teta (aunt) to the second beautiful baby of my best friend Natasha and her daughter Eli always asks for me and it's the best thing ever! I made new friendships with the best group of girls when travelling to Nashville, we have a group text message going on that is constantly filled with funny memories and so much love, one of my best friend's Andrea moved in with me and its been the greatest roommate year ever!! There is so much more but it's pretty cool to really look back at your year and realize that it was actually pretty great, no really great.

For this styling post I wanted to show a different kind of holiday outfit especially if you are just doing a casual New Years celebration. I love this romper from Bicyclette because you can pretty much wear it all year round. I paired it with a white felt hat (surprisingly really hard to find) from ASOS and my new favourite purse from Grace Design. I will be posting so much more in the New Year and especially this week with an amazing continuation styling post from my Nashville road trip!! Happy New Year and cheers to 2015 - the best year yet.

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