Girls gone nashville part 3

Posted on Monday, 5 January 2015

It's monday and its chilly in Toronto, seems like the best time to release the 3rd and final photo series from our Nashville trip. I think this trailer inspired it all, found it on the airbnb instagram right after Scarlet and I decided on Nashville as our destination, I mean a retro pastel pink trailer an hour away - it really couldn't be more perfect. And it definitely looked perfect but it also happened to be the hottest day I can remember this summer, sweat dripping off of us and my hair sticking to my back (so attractive). Oh and the mosquitos! We were attacked and poor Scarlet had to edit out all of our bites, it was pretty bad. We just went with it, giving in to all of the conditions and going "dirty south" and I love it. I have never been one for the perfect photo, you know those styled wedding shoots where everything is perfectly matched or those instagram photos of like "waking up with coffee in bed" yet it looked like they spent an hour placing everything just right in the frame, it just isn't real. I like when things are a little messy, a little spontaneous and a little more real - in our case a little more sweaty.

We also stripped Scarlet of most of her clothes while shooting this because we needed some wardrobe, and she killed it and worked that shoot like a boss, because she is she really is one of the best!

models: Ana, Genevieve Hutchinson, Sarah Jurgens
photography: Scarlet O'Neill
styling: Ana Alic

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