the boys club

Posted on Tuesday, 27 January 2015

This styling project was one of the highlights of my year. I worked with my favourite people and was able to bring to life a vision we had which is just the best feeling. Surrounded by nature, in a beautiful cabin with great friends, heaps of creativity, contagious laughs and incredible talent is exactly how I always want to spend my days. For me that is a perfect day. This shoot exceeded my wildest dreams and could not have been created without my babely soul sister Scarlet O'Neill, the passionate and creative maven behind the dreamy designs Jorden de Ruiter, the other red head I love so much and crazy talent that is our makeup artist Alison Sharp, and our stunning faux couple Sara Smith and Jarrett Kennedy. That was a really long sentence I know, grammar aside I loved this day and I love the photos that I proudly share with you here. 

A big thank you to Philistine for all of Jarret's looks, I love that store and admire their spirit and sincere love for what they do and not to mention bought most of my Christmas gifts there because their merchandise is amazing! Vintage and new yes please!!

Designer: Jordan de Ruiter
Photographer: Scarlet O'Neill
Makeup and Hair: Alison Sharp
Styling: Ana Alic
Models: Sara Smith and Jarret Kennedy

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