deetjen inn

Posted on Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How can I possibly describe a place that immediately had my heart the moment I arrived. It's like it was waiting for me all this time. That must be how all the artists that have walked these trails and came through this inn must have felt, there's an electric pull to this magical place, the nature that surrounds is a haven for these folks; an artist's refuge. 

Driving up the pacific coast highway is a feast for the eyes, the magnificent coast, rolling green hills, mountains, steep cliffs and stunning trees. The quick turns, the sometimes terrifying height, and the heat made for a very bumpy ride for me. My temporary nausea was well worth it for the scenery, it will be etched in my mind forever. I was excited to arrive at the Deetjen Inn, a historic Big Sur landmark I had read about years ago, placing it in the back of my mind as a place I knew I would some day visit. My sister booked the inn without being aware of my need to go there, there is something synchronistic about that. 

We arrived at the charming and rustic cabin oasis, walking into the reception, walking into the well preserved past. We asked for our keys to the Chalet room we booked, no keys were given, no keys are needed at a place like this. That little detail set the tone for the experience, a sense of tranquility, trust, community and beauty. It is no wonder the likes of Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac escaped to this land, wrote about it, inhaled the redwoods, gazed at the sunsets, marvelled at the stars. I felt like my body was beaming with inspiration, that's what untouched nature does to the soul, that connection stirs something inside, you get lost in daydreams and creativity is endless and not forced. That is the magic they all came for. There was no internet, no tv and just a library for your entertainment. This is what is must have been like, city anxiety washes away, time slows and beauty is not missed or taken for granted. 

I wanted to preserve every moment, I wanted it to last an eternity. That night after my attempt at drinking some beer (I could only finish two) I went for a short walk through the cabins. The only thing I could hear was the soft river flowing, that kind of silence is a gift. I sat on the steps looking up at the stars and contemplated the enormity of our universe, cliche yes, but oh what a joy to think of only the moment you are in - leaving past and future for another day - just sitting and being and knowing. 

"On soft spring nights i'll stand in the yard under the stars - Something good will come out of all things yet - And it will be golden and eternal just like that - There's no need to say another word" Jack Kerouac, Big Sur

west coast love

Posted on Saturday, 14 February 2015

I get to spend my Valentine's day in San Francisco with my mom and my sis! We are on an incredible scenic road trip from Los Angeles to Big Sur to San Fran. Big Sur was our first destination and probably my favourite places I have ever travelled to. It has the perfect combination of woods, mountains and beach with perfect weather everyday, the friendliest people, and a small time vibe that has been preserved so beautifully. I loved everything about it, the rustic charm, the smell of the redwoods, the nature seeping around every corner, its the kind of place my soul craves. I'll be writing more on that in the next blog posts but for now enjoy a Valentine's inspired styling shoot on Pfeiffer Beach. 

Dress by Amuse Society and flower crown made by a local artisan from Big Sur. 

garden of the gods

Posted on Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The two things I really want to do on this California trip is explore nature and take as many photos as possible. I could spend hours in nature, by myself even, and never get bored. I instantly feel less anxious, more grounded and happier. I travelled to the Santa Susana Park and spent some time hiking in the gorgeous rugged terrain. I hiked up the "Garden of the Gods" one of the most photographed location ranch in movie history. Stagecoach and The Lone Ranger were both filmed there among so many other films.  It was just me and my camera and yes a little dangerous to go alone especially climbing up the cliffs but there was something really beautiful about the isolation. I only have the use of wifi on this trip so I feel like I also have been on a digital detox. I have to map out how to get to and from places and when I am in places like this I cant communicate with anyone. It's been an incredible example of how much I don't miss out when I am not "connected." 

I went to Marianne Williamson's talk last night and among so many poignant remarks she talked about always searching out things to bring us happiness, we are "the wave separate from the ocean." That happens more with this digital connection, the comparison of other people's lives, the looking ahead for things to make us happy instead of seeing what we have in this moment. And with no phone to check in to see what is happening in my life I can actually be present in my life, listen intently to the talk, hike up a mountain, eat tacos with my friends and fully experience an incredible band. 

Tonight my mom join's me and my sis on this California adventure and I cannot wait for her to experience a new place and to go on our road trip to Big Sur! More styling posts and thoughts from me in the next couple days. Here I am wearing a freepeople beaded slip, a forever21 necklace and some vintage boots. 

LA days

Posted on Thursday, 5 February 2015

It's only day two of my LA trip and my skin is thanking me for the extra vitamin D. It's been so wonderful to wake up in the morning with the perfect weather outside and say "what do I want to do today?" how often we forget to take moments for ourselves, to be present and just enjoy the moment we are in. My days are filled with hanging out with friends, specifically my LA companion Emily, vintage shop, drink the best coffee, eat the best tacos, photo shoots and soon-to-be canyon hikes....more sunny photos and pleasant stories to come!