garden of the gods

Posted on Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The two things I really want to do on this California trip is explore nature and take as many photos as possible. I could spend hours in nature, by myself even, and never get bored. I instantly feel less anxious, more grounded and happier. I travelled to the Santa Susana Park and spent some time hiking in the gorgeous rugged terrain. I hiked up the "Garden of the Gods" one of the most photographed location ranch in movie history. Stagecoach and The Lone Ranger were both filmed there among so many other films.  It was just me and my camera and yes a little dangerous to go alone especially climbing up the cliffs but there was something really beautiful about the isolation. I only have the use of wifi on this trip so I feel like I also have been on a digital detox. I have to map out how to get to and from places and when I am in places like this I cant communicate with anyone. It's been an incredible example of how much I don't miss out when I am not "connected." 

I went to Marianne Williamson's talk last night and among so many poignant remarks she talked about always searching out things to bring us happiness, we are "the wave separate from the ocean." That happens more with this digital connection, the comparison of other people's lives, the looking ahead for things to make us happy instead of seeing what we have in this moment. And with no phone to check in to see what is happening in my life I can actually be present in my life, listen intently to the talk, hike up a mountain, eat tacos with my friends and fully experience an incredible band. 

Tonight my mom join's me and my sis on this California adventure and I cannot wait for her to experience a new place and to go on our road trip to Big Sur! More styling posts and thoughts from me in the next couple days. Here I am wearing a freepeople beaded slip, a forever21 necklace and some vintage boots. 

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