rainy days

Posted on Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I am feeling this dreary weather, March is never a pretty month - everything is melting, there is no greenery, just bare trees and cold winds. But there has been some beautiful sunsets that I have watched through my kitchen window. It's been a hard month and I am only going to spend another sentence talking about it because what you focus on expands and I am ready for the spring, newness, new adventures and my heart projects to come to life. Is it ironic that I am currently listening to a psychic teachers podcast (thank you Anabela for introducing me to this awesomeness) and its all about full moon abundance. It's no secret I love the moon patterns and the different full moons. The next one is on April 4th, the pink moon. There will also be a total lunar eclipse on that day, signifying another 'blood moon.' This is a perfect time for new beginnings and setting new goals for the next couple months. 

A big lesson from this podcast, gratitude = abundance. "With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy," Oscar Wilde. These lovely ladies on the podcast mentioned this quote and it really reminded me that I have all these things. I was recently gifted a book called "the war of art" and it has been my streetcar travel companion to and from work. I think everyone should read it, its a beautiful message of your purpose and the resistance we feel all the time towards that purpose. It has already inspired me so much and Im only a quarter of the way in. So this month for me its just going to be about "freedom, books, flowers and the moon." Another great lesson from this podcast is to trust that your life plan is working out the way it's suppose to....this podcast is full of gems! It's amazing that you find the things randomly that you really need to hear. 

Spring wears is all about layering, and everything I am wearing is from my stylish mama. A BCBG dress, H&M sweater and Express lace top. Oh and my knee high socks I wear to work ;)

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