dinner party

Posted on Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I am so lucky to have amazing girlfriends in my life. A community of creative dreamers who support each other is such a gift. The idea for a community and conversation driven dinner party has been in my mind for a while, wanting to go back to cultural roots of ceremony, gatherings and living a simpler life fuelled by a collective. The idea was ever more present on a recent trip to LA, where Emily and I found ourselves at photographer Sarah Shreves' beyond beautiful downtown LA loft where she told us about her own trait table dinner she was hosting.

That day we decided to host our own when we came back to Toronto and continue it monthly. We chose a theme (Mexicana because we love tacos!) and wrote out a series of words that would be conversation starters for the evening. Inviting friends that inspire and ignite our souls we brought together a diverse group of incredible women to spend the evening with. Everyone gathered around the living room floor in Emily's eclectic and charming house in the Junction and her decor couldn't be better suited for our theme. Each of us picked a word and beautiful discussion of each topic was had. Everyone had their own idea of what the word meant to them, stories were shared and intimate details revealed as each of us trusted our community and really embraced the authenticity of the moment and the connection we had to everyone in the room. It was a truly magical experience to learn so much about everyone in such an honest and fun way! Having these nights are so important and rewarding and I cannot wait until the next one!

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