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Posted on Thursday, 23 April 2015

The earth is on my mind all the time, and especially present today on Earth Day. It's amazing to have a day to celebrate our earth but we should try to incorporate it every day. The earth is our home and what sustains us, being kind to our planet is being kind to ourselves. Everything is connected and every action we take (or do not take) comes back to us, affects us. Even the way we think has a force. 

I have been volunteering with a great environmental group in Toronto called Toronto350. We had a block party a week ago to block energy east. We had drummers, our own edible pipeline, a craft table, music and an incredibly inspiring group of people who believe we can change things, we can set things right again for our planet. The block party was a huge success as MP Adam Vaughan came out to speak and answer questions (we were stationed in front of his office). The best thing I got from his talk was the idea that everyone needs to work together and cut down consumption for us to start seeing a difference. We can still fight to stop the pipeline and the injustices against our rights, that is very important, but we also need to take a stand individually - right now- by decreasing our carbon footprint. Here are some ways I have found to decrease mine, as I continue to look for ways. 

Products // The simple act at looking at your current daily products and finding ways to eliminate the need for harmful wastes. 

Bamboo Toothbrush: I have switched over to using bamboo toothbrushes. They do the same thing as standard ones but they don't add more unnecessary plastic into our landfills. To properly dispose of them you can upcycle them by using them as seedling markers in your plants, or you can remove the bristles and place the bristles in recycling and then place the handle into compost -  which will compost in 6 months! 

Tote Bags: Another product that is amazing to use is canvas tote bags for shopping. The less we can take home plastic bags the better. Fieldguided makes some really cute ones that you will want to just wear everyday. 

Beauty Products: This is something that I have wanted to experiment with, the creation of my own makeup. Until then I have cut down my consumption by wearing less and incorporating healthier options for my skin. I love argan oil and coconut oil as moisturizers and all of the burts bees products are amazing! I recommend checking out Wellness Mama, she has some amazing beauty recipes on her site. 

Energy // Living in a Victorian house built in 1884 is amazing but comes with many energy issues like heat! This has been a challenge for us but we have tried to do simple things like only turn on lights when its absolutely necessary and unplugging items when they are not in use. Another great idea I found recently on the free people blog was to add a weight to the back of your toilet. This makes it into a low flush toilet and decreases the amount of water. 

Food // In the past year I have changed my diet to mostly be vegetarian. I only eat meat if it is locally sourced, humanely raised and organic. For someone on a tight budget it can be difficult to eat non factory farmed meat, but it is so essential and worth it. Factory farming accounts for 37%, 20 times the global warming potential of CO2 (more facts on Not to mention the life and wellbeing of the animal. The stress on the animal, in my opinion, affects every cell in the animal and gets transferred to the person eating the animal. We are connected is so many ways that we cannot see. Along with decreasing meat consumption I travel to my local market every other day. I only purchase food items I know I will eat in two days, eliminating waste and food that just goes bad in the fridge. If you have a local market you can walk to then getting fresh food everyday will improve your health, add to the local economy and save you money on purchasing food that you don't end up using. 

There is an abundance of ideas that we can incorporate in our everyday lives. It is all about being conscious of our actions and how those actions have an effect. With a little bit of extra planning and routine you can start to easily incorporate these ideas into your life. 


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