into the woods

Posted on Saturday, 18 April 2015

My roommate Andrea is a wise woman. She is the first person I call if something is going on and I need help or guidance or you know if we are out of chocolate ha! She taught me something so essential this week, you need to take a day off at least once a week for yourself. My days off were usually spent kinda doing things for myself and kinda working on my passion projects. I love my creative work, it never feels like work but I realized I was going to burn myself if I never took a day to just do something for me. As I've been experiencing so much anxiety and fear with this massive creative project I have I needed a day to just breathe.

Side note: I have been using the flower remedy daily as instructed and I have been able to feel the effects of it, its a slow progress, it doesn't really hit you and BAM you are healed, it comes in delicately. But yes my confidence has gone up, my fears gone done and my outlook of "just keep going and do it for the love of it" steadily increases.

We escaped to the country, stopping along the way to explore, exploring an abandoned house (there may have been a squatter still there upstairs) and explore nature with no agenda and no need for validation. I turned off my phone for the day and I know we all know this but moments are so much richer and connected when we aren't "connected." Just having your phone on you are subconsciously waiting for it to go off, waiting for something new to stimulate you. It was amazing to digitally and physically disconnect, exactly what I needed to refuel my creativity.

Crop top from garage clothing (for $8!!) and overalls from hollister.

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