setting intentions for the april full moon

Posted on Saturday, 4 April 2015

The full moon is always a good time to do a little check in with yourself. With that extra boost of lunar energy you can get yourself back on track, even if it just serves as a reminder and grounds you in the present moment. With the added lunar eclipse it is a time to find new and vibrant goals, not to reaffirm old ones that are not serving us. The pull of the past can be strong during an eclipse so we must be extra aware of that inner voice, it is a time to respond to situations differently finding a new path (from Sarah Varcas).  The problem arises from not exactly knowing where we are headed coupled with a sense of "I need to get there now!" This full moon is all about stopping, waiting and listening. For a full moon ritual I like to burn some sage, light some candles, listen to soft music, meditate and write a list of new intentions.

With all this uncertainty in the air I have been feeling that anxiety of not knowing the next step, a block in my creative space. In asking for guidance I was drawn to stop by The Health Hut today, a lovely shop on Harbord st. What is interesting is that I was already on my way there to pick up some flyers at UofT and couldn't initially find the shop until my drive home. When I did find the shop the owner had just arrived and just opened the store as she was running late. If I would have arrived there when I intended I would have thought it was closed for the Easter weekend, clearly I was meant to go in today and purchase the flower remedy by Alexis Smart that I have heard so much about. I initially wanted to try "wholehearted" but settled on "Ganesh" a part of the "Confidence" formulas. The owner of the shop was explaining that the formulas work best when they are addressing the specific need of the time. When I read "fear of failure, untapped potential and creative block" I had a sense that this one was right for me at the time. I am excited to try it out and will write about my progress and anything I notice in the next month.

Have a great Easter weekend, enjoy the nicer weather and set some new goals and intentions for the month!

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