ward's island

Posted on Sunday, 31 May 2015

Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such - Henry Miller

There really is beauty to be found everywhere, in the simple, in the seemingly mundane, in the chipped paint of an antique mirror - it's all in the eyes of the witness. On a slightly windy but pleasant spring day and on the exploring tip of my roommate who discovered a place that she claims "my roommate must come here, this is her" I biked over to the ferry that would later escort me to ward's island. I had a companion for this exploration, my friend Patrick who was free for the day and shares my sense of adventure and was kind enough to take some pictures of me.  My only other experience of the island was a day of filming for the short film 90 days which had us gallivanting around centre island on the ferris wheel and eating cotton candy. 

This part of the island would be considered your quirky hippy cousin, the one that lives in a ramshackle cabin surrounded by wildflowers and fairy gnomes sprinkled throughout. Walking around the eclectic houses you feel as though you are transported to a tiny retro beach town, the kind you would likely find on a netflix series these days. A little tucked away from the rest of the island makes for a peaceful living space for its inhabitants and a destination most torontonians don't really explore. But the real estate is a hot commodity, everyone wants to retire in this hippy island getaway that's just a short ferry ride away from the bustle of the city. There is a waiting list 500 person long to snag one of these coveted cottages, and visiting for the first time I understood the appeal. It is untouched and preserved, in a way that even its owners don't seem to care that repairs need to be made. They seem fine with the way each cottage was built which adds to the charm and curiosity of the area. 

I love finding new places, especially when I could see myself appreciating their way of life, imagining what my life would look like if I traded it all in. There was something a little wild about this place, an organized chaos of sorts that works just fine for everyone living there. And a sense of community can be felt by seeing the free library posts and annual community meetings. I find that sort of life beautiful and appealing to me, condos and cookie cutter subdivisions don't speak to my creative soul. Stepping into these worlds I am always reminded of hidden getaways in the city, there is always something unique to be found as there is always someone beating to their own drum. 

Photos by me and Patrick McFadden


Posted on Thursday, 28 May 2015

Everything is green and blooming and I love it. There is so much green newness which makes me just want to explore the outdoors for hours on end. I could seriously be happy just biking around the city, that is all I need to entertain me. Spring is amazing and it also has me wanting to jump on so many projects, I just want to change things, start things, create things! Do you ever find it hard to keep your mind on track, pick one thing and focus with all your intention? That is kinda me all the time and even more lately. I find myself exploring multiple job ideas on the daily, jealous of those girls that have seemed to figure out how to make money from styling cute outfits and jet setting -  it really seems like the life. 

So how does one create the life they actually want and thrive? That has been the biggest thing on my mind. I love most aspects of my life and feel so grateful to be healthy and happy but there is still something missing. I want to wake up every day and love my work, feel like I am doing something helpful to save our planet and also create a great community that fosters art and creativity and brings likeminded people together. These are the things I have learned and am starting to implement.

1. Have a game plan, a very focused one and set small goals that are attainable
2. Model from the best
3. Always keep a positive mind, Always
4. Keep going no matter what, the obstacles are there to teach you something, listen and move on

I think the key is the more you focus the more you can filter out the things that are not working. I want to do it all, but it definitely needs to be done one at a time. Where focus goes energy flows, that is the truth.

down in the valley

Posted on Thursday, 21 May 2015

I spent part of the day in Hamilton meeting with my film team, discussing script ideas for our final edit of our feature which included a nude scene at the very beginning of the film (not happening!!), making fun of scenes that got the axe "shhhhh" and setting deadlines for the next step. Before I locked myself away, except for going into my serving job, I decided to head into the forrest for some self reflection and photos. I drove to the Dundas Valley Conservatory, getting lost in solitude and the beauty of springs full bloom. Nature does so much for my soul and I always try to incorporate a park visit many times a week. I like being along with my thoughts and find myself embracing my surroundings and slowing down those thoughts. It's my meditation, my recharge and creative awakening. Lately I have adopted a new mantra, whenever I am in situations that scare me or intimidate me I think to myself "I am worthy of being here." It is so important to think you are worthy, because it's true you are, no matter how much of a leap of faith you are taking you are worthy of being there. In the forrest I always feel that worthiness, we are all connected, all coming from the same source and same place of love. No matter how magnificent the experience, nature never wonders if it's worthy, it just blooms. 

my tribe

Posted on Saturday, 16 May 2015

I have some pretty talented friends who are not only loyal as heck but truly inspiring and giving. I could go on and on and the more years I spend living in Toronto the more I realize how awesome the community is here. Jorden de Ruiter is part of that tribe. We bonded over fashion and our affinity for beer and bike rides (not together!!). She is a mega talented designer that I have raved about on the blog before but she is also such an amazing friend who would drop anything if you needed her. So it was no surprise that when she messaged me to grab a beer I half heartedly mentioned I needed a dress for this weekend and she immediately told me to come by the studio and she would whip one up for me. For real I saw her on a wednesday, we talked about the style and she didn't even take my measurements, then on the thursday she had the perfect outfit waiting for me perfectly in my size! Now that is talent and love for what you do. We then grabbed that beer at Tequila Bookworm and she convinced me to try the deep fried brussels sprouts, I was a skeptic but then I fell in love with said deep fried brussels sprouts. Have I mentioned I love my friends. 

This two piece is a custom made Jordan de Ruiter original print with organic cotton panelling. 

beach life

Posted on Thursday, 7 May 2015

I live so close to the water, it's really amazing. But you can only swim in certain parts of this beach because it's polluted. It definitely has gotten better over the last several years and on most days you can swim. And this is the same water that runs into our taps, the tap water has been treated of course. It use to be a thriving beach area with it's own amusement park. To think whoever lived in my current house which was built in 1884 would have probably walked down to the beach for a morning swim. I usually come down to this beach for my run and then I venture into High Park on my route. It was a particularly perfect weather day and on my run all I could think about was how much beauty we are surrounded by and how much we need to protect it.

This summer I am sticking to basics with pops of colour. Here I am wearing a simple grey sleeveless dress, my go-to jean vest, an asos felt hat and my all time favourite handmade purse from spanish and sisters.