beach life

Posted on Thursday, 7 May 2015

I live so close to the water, it's really amazing. But you can only swim in certain parts of this beach because it's polluted. It definitely has gotten better over the last several years and on most days you can swim. And this is the same water that runs into our taps, the tap water has been treated of course. It use to be a thriving beach area with it's own amusement park. To think whoever lived in my current house which was built in 1884 would have probably walked down to the beach for a morning swim. I usually come down to this beach for my run and then I venture into High Park on my route. It was a particularly perfect weather day and on my run all I could think about was how much beauty we are surrounded by and how much we need to protect it.

This summer I am sticking to basics with pops of colour. Here I am wearing a simple grey sleeveless dress, my go-to jean vest, an asos felt hat and my all time favourite handmade purse from spanish and sisters. 

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