Posted on Thursday, 28 May 2015

Everything is green and blooming and I love it. There is so much green newness which makes me just want to explore the outdoors for hours on end. I could seriously be happy just biking around the city, that is all I need to entertain me. Spring is amazing and it also has me wanting to jump on so many projects, I just want to change things, start things, create things! Do you ever find it hard to keep your mind on track, pick one thing and focus with all your intention? That is kinda me all the time and even more lately. I find myself exploring multiple job ideas on the daily, jealous of those girls that have seemed to figure out how to make money from styling cute outfits and jet setting -  it really seems like the life. 

So how does one create the life they actually want and thrive? That has been the biggest thing on my mind. I love most aspects of my life and feel so grateful to be healthy and happy but there is still something missing. I want to wake up every day and love my work, feel like I am doing something helpful to save our planet and also create a great community that fosters art and creativity and brings likeminded people together. These are the things I have learned and am starting to implement.

1. Have a game plan, a very focused one and set small goals that are attainable
2. Model from the best
3. Always keep a positive mind, Always
4. Keep going no matter what, the obstacles are there to teach you something, listen and move on

I think the key is the more you focus the more you can filter out the things that are not working. I want to do it all, but it definitely needs to be done one at a time. Where focus goes energy flows, that is the truth.

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