down in the valley

Posted on Thursday, 21 May 2015

I spent part of the day in Hamilton meeting with my film team, discussing script ideas for our final edit of our feature which included a nude scene at the very beginning of the film (not happening!!), making fun of scenes that got the axe "shhhhh" and setting deadlines for the next step. Before I locked myself away, except for going into my serving job, I decided to head into the forrest for some self reflection and photos. I drove to the Dundas Valley Conservatory, getting lost in solitude and the beauty of springs full bloom. Nature does so much for my soul and I always try to incorporate a park visit many times a week. I like being along with my thoughts and find myself embracing my surroundings and slowing down those thoughts. It's my meditation, my recharge and creative awakening. Lately I have adopted a new mantra, whenever I am in situations that scare me or intimidate me I think to myself "I am worthy of being here." It is so important to think you are worthy, because it's true you are, no matter how much of a leap of faith you are taking you are worthy of being there. In the forrest I always feel that worthiness, we are all connected, all coming from the same source and same place of love. No matter how magnificent the experience, nature never wonders if it's worthy, it just blooms. 

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