my tribe

Posted on Saturday, 16 May 2015

I have some pretty talented friends who are not only loyal as heck but truly inspiring and giving. I could go on and on and the more years I spend living in Toronto the more I realize how awesome the community is here. Jorden de Ruiter is part of that tribe. We bonded over fashion and our affinity for beer and bike rides (not together!!). She is a mega talented designer that I have raved about on the blog before but she is also such an amazing friend who would drop anything if you needed her. So it was no surprise that when she messaged me to grab a beer I half heartedly mentioned I needed a dress for this weekend and she immediately told me to come by the studio and she would whip one up for me. For real I saw her on a wednesday, we talked about the style and she didn't even take my measurements, then on the thursday she had the perfect outfit waiting for me perfectly in my size! Now that is talent and love for what you do. We then grabbed that beer at Tequila Bookworm and she convinced me to try the deep fried brussels sprouts, I was a skeptic but then I fell in love with said deep fried brussels sprouts. Have I mentioned I love my friends. 

This two piece is a custom made Jordan de Ruiter original print with organic cotton panelling. 

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