ward's island

Posted on Sunday, 31 May 2015

Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such - Henry Miller

There really is beauty to be found everywhere, in the simple, in the seemingly mundane, in the chipped paint of an antique mirror - it's all in the eyes of the witness. On a slightly windy but pleasant spring day and on the exploring tip of my roommate who discovered a place that she claims "my roommate must come here, this is her" I biked over to the ferry that would later escort me to ward's island. I had a companion for this exploration, my friend Patrick who was free for the day and shares my sense of adventure and was kind enough to take some pictures of me.  My only other experience of the island was a day of filming for the short film 90 days which had us gallivanting around centre island on the ferris wheel and eating cotton candy. 

This part of the island would be considered your quirky hippy cousin, the one that lives in a ramshackle cabin surrounded by wildflowers and fairy gnomes sprinkled throughout. Walking around the eclectic houses you feel as though you are transported to a tiny retro beach town, the kind you would likely find on a netflix series these days. A little tucked away from the rest of the island makes for a peaceful living space for its inhabitants and a destination most torontonians don't really explore. But the real estate is a hot commodity, everyone wants to retire in this hippy island getaway that's just a short ferry ride away from the bustle of the city. There is a waiting list 500 person long to snag one of these coveted cottages, and visiting for the first time I understood the appeal. It is untouched and preserved, in a way that even its owners don't seem to care that repairs need to be made. They seem fine with the way each cottage was built which adds to the charm and curiosity of the area. 

I love finding new places, especially when I could see myself appreciating their way of life, imagining what my life would look like if I traded it all in. There was something a little wild about this place, an organized chaos of sorts that works just fine for everyone living there. And a sense of community can be felt by seeing the free library posts and annual community meetings. I find that sort of life beautiful and appealing to me, condos and cookie cutter subdivisions don't speak to my creative soul. Stepping into these worlds I am always reminded of hidden getaways in the city, there is always something unique to be found as there is always someone beating to their own drum. 

Photos by me and Patrick McFadden

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