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Posted on Saturday, 20 June 2015

In Lily Dale it's not only ok to be a little different, it's celebrated. A town made up of amazing healers and teachers that sometimes get criticized for their work from the sceptics and anyone who is a little afraid of different. But that hasn't stopped the thousands of people who visit this town during the summer season when the town opens it's arms for those who want to experience the life of a spiritualist through the outdoor assemblies, rieki, the healing temple and so many other amazing workshops. This town of light welcomes all, and it's not only their livelihood but their calling.

Since the season hadn't started yet the town was pretty quiet (we were the only guests at the angel house) and a lot of buildings were closed. But we did get to check out a couple cool treasures in town, like the pet cemetery. All kinds of animals are buried there, with their own tombstones, located in a beautiful part of the woods leading up to the inspiration stump. We did find the inspiration stump thanks to the directions kindly given by Jane from the crystal cove shop where I bought a stunning opal ring. At this stump demonstrations from mediums are still held to this day and have been given since 1898. It is suppose to increase spiritual energies and is held as a symbol for the town.

Katie and I both received readings during our stay and all I will say is that they were pretty incredible experiences, many times giving me goosebumps and furthering my curiosity into the world of spiritualism. There is so much to explore in this town and everyone will get a different experience. It's all about making the experience your own and opening yourself to all possibilities.

I really believe the best parts of visiting a new place is the experiences you make with people. It was so much fun to travel with Kaite and geek out over all things witchy and paranormal; we even tried to get the spirits to talk to us through the wind chimes on the porch, it could have been the wind or the spirits, we will never know. One of my new favourite quotes sent to me by my dear friend Katelyn who moved away to Australia for the year describes it perfectly.

"Road trips are the equivalent of human wings. Ask me to go on one anywhere. We'll stop in every small town and learn the history and stories, feel the ground and capture the spirit. Then we'll turn it into our story that will live inside our history to carry with us always. Because stories are more important than things." Victoria Erickson

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