welcome to lily dale

Posted on Tuesday, 16 June 2015

"No one dies in Lily Dale" is the title of a documentary that sparked the fascination of this magical town for my friend Katie. She watched it years ago, promising to herself to one day visit this lush spiritual town tucked away near Lake Erie. Our friendship was ignited from this shared fascination of all things ghosts, witches, mediums and towns that held the secrets of generations of spiritual practices. We planned out mini road trip and somehow knew we would be instant best friends, it's like that sense you get when you meet someone and know that you were meant to be friends, and for Katie and I that friendship was cemented from many lifetimes. 

Folks travel from all over the world to come to this place, for closure, spiritual awakening, curiosity or even a search for some kind of divine revelation. Lily Dale is considered one of the worlds largest centres for spiritualism and started out as a summer camp for spiritualists in the 1870's. Stepping into this town you do feel as though you are stepping back in time and there is a calm tranquil feeling that washes over you, it feels safe, peaceful and full of light. With Victorian houses preserved for all their glory, angel statues and garden gnomes, wind chimes on every porch, vintage flags, colourful buildings, charming gazebos, string lights and flowers everywhere you look - the charm of this place equally matches the anticipation you would have going there, it fits the spirit of the land in every way and is too beautiful to describe. 

Our road trip had the classic ingredients of a trip you would likely never forget. We had great tunes, especially Kendrick Lamar who just wanted to pop up every time we turned on the car, little mishaps like a bank machine literally eating Katie's debit card, so many unhealthy food options for two girls who are all about the health, small town charming mini marts where we stocked up on blue moon and trail mix and our inability to use the GPS that was built into the car - so we went by Katie's feelings that we were going in the right direction ha! Luckily we were. 

We arrived to a quaint looking cottage town and drove up to our B&B for the night, The Angel House. As it's name suggests it was covered with angel pictures, statues, even  angel bedding! We were given the star and moon room, totally appropriate given my obsession with moons. The creaky floors, large porch filled with wicker furniture, wind chimes and candles - we were in Victorian living heaven. Before our readings we scoped out the town, walking through the quiet streets with umbrellas in hand; it was raining and misty which only added the right amount of mysticism to the whole experience. Everyone in town was eager to talk to us, kind and helpful. You can tell this is a tight knit community, the eclectic kind you always wanted to be a part of but only thought existed in Stars Hollow or Bluebell (big fan of The CW).  We were excited for it all, to soak up everything we could in our short 48 stay, and what we definitely found were people who wanted to share their gifts, had so much hope and love for the future and a friendship with so many LOL moments. 

More on the blog and this trip coming soon. Photos are taken by myself and Katie Boland, dresses by Freepeople. 

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