living stillness

Posted on Thursday, 20 August 2015

The wind blows sweetly as the sound of the leaves shimmer, mimicking soft ocean waves - yet no ocean can be found. So many stars to illuminate your minds eye and have you pondering existence and life on other planets in other universes. Yes it was under these stars on the dock sitting with my confidant Andrea that I revealed one of my many theories of the universe: that beyond those stars my alien soulmate is travelling faster than the speed of light in a spaceship that has yet to arrive because there was some mechanical issues that needed sorting, ha! If anything that theory provided some good laughs for the evening. Your mind can be quite creative when the distractions of city life are left at home and all you have is the stars dancing in the distance, and boy is that ever enough to entertain, I could imagine for hours on end. 

Cottage life does something to the soul, the clean air, the smell of the firewood, the hazy soft days open something long forgotten. Alleviates all anxieties and brings you back to that connection with nature so needed yet so misplaced. I try to incorporate nature in my life daily, my runs in high park are a form of meditation for me, and I find myself wanting more, wanting that stillness and that sense of enoughness that only escapes in the woods can bring. It's the kind of life I have imagined for myself from time to time. Constructing a eco-cabin in the woods, with a garden, a studio for guest and art experiments and a handsome man playing guitar on the porch. Living in that stillness and that quiet grounds the soul and brings you back to the essence of what's important: nature, good food, good company and love. 

For my cottage wears I still like to be put together in an undone and comfortable way. Ripped jean shorts, a Brixton hat and my new favourite flannel with the perfect fit from Garage clothing. 

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