Posted on Saturday, 24 October 2015

What can I say, whenever October hits all I want to do is dress like a witchy Stevie Nicks....Thankfully I have incredibly talented friends like Jordan de Ruiter who indulge my desires and create beautiful pieces like this custom made dress (which will be available in her shop soon!). I collaborated on this styling shoot with one of my best friends, and soon-to-be travel partners (Costa Rica is coming soon...) Alison Sharp for the photos and makeup!! 

This fall I have been contemplating the idea of desire over attainment. Is our happiness a result of our desires or our attainment of the desires? And what happens when we get what we really want? As an actress and creative I struggle with the entitlement of such title. Always desiring and striving to be better, look better, create better, and succeed better. After listening to a podcast interview with Elizabeth Gilbert at least 5 times now, I feel a sense of reassessment and peace in knowing that all creatives at every level ask these same questions. As Elizabeth puts it "we are entitled to our desires, not the outcomes" which is the great magical mystery of life. We don't know how something will turn out, we aren't entitled to know. That is my interpretation of practical magic (it's not just a movie that I am in love with) it is a beautiful phrase we can utilize in life. Magic can always be found and experienced but rarely anticipated, we can't force it and we can only live every day enjoying our desires. In the podcast she speaks of the creative life not as the holy grail but as breadcrumbs, following those instincts and little signs to guide you through. Finding gentleness for ourselves through our day to day and being more than ok with where we are at in our lives. We are students in this life, we get to expand and learn and grow, that is our right, that is what we are entitled to. Always create for the sake of creating, you never know where it will lead you and where you will find magic. 

Styling: Ana Alic
Photos and Makeup: Alison Sharp
Dress: Jordan de Ruiter

mindful autumn

Posted on Monday, 5 October 2015

I just had an early family Thanksgiving. And since I just switched over to vegan and my brother's girlfriend, Marley, is also vegan (she also took these photos!) we decided to do our own version of a vegan Thanksgiving! I know it sounds a little crazy, Thanksgiving is synonymous with turkey and all the fixings but for me preserving our planet any way I possibly can help out I will gladly swap turkey gravy for mushroom gravy, not to mention our vegan mashed potatoes tasted just as good as the original. 

After watching the documentary Cowspiracy (psst it's on Netflix) I couldn't claim to be an environmentalist and not be a vegan. The facts are startling, agriculture is the leading driver of climate change, and you can see a list of the facts here: For me it's all about choices, we have the choice to be conscious of these issues and we have a choice to do better and choose better for ourselves and the planet. When we put the need of the collective and the planet first the choice should be obvious. 

This autumn as the leaves change and you add that pump of pumpkin spice (mondays are for soy lattes) be mindful of the changes taking place, mindful of what nature gives so freely. We are all connected, every little action has a reaction and there is a heartbeat to our planet. It is our home and something of magnificent beauty and even though we can't see it, things are changing. The change of seasons happens so swiftly. I love fall so much. I was biking the other evening feeling the crisp air float past me, thinking to myself as I listened to a shovels and rope track, 'don't miss out on fall.' Because it comes and then it goes and it's such a precious time to see and marvel at nature. It's a reminder to slow down, to wrap yourself in a blanket on the porch, watch the golden sunset and just be. Nature is self actualizing, it knows exactly what it needs to do, we don't need to worry if the leaves will change and fall, they always do...I think this is an important lesson in an important time, we are tampering with nature, and thus the effects will be seen. But nature will resist as long as it can until the stress we have placed on it becomes too strong. Nature will win in the end, it always does but why would we want to tamper with what is already so sacred and beautiful about it. And the truth is when we do better for others and the planet we actually do better for ourselves.