Disco Diamond New Year's Eve from Studio Bicyclette

Posted on Wednesday, 30 December 2015

I always have the best time working with Paige and Emily on shoots. This disco themed New Year's party came from the wildly creative mind of Paige with the inspiration coming from Bash Party Goods. We drank pink champagne, played around with all the glitter and danced around in Paige's kitchen on a Monday night. To have both friendship and creativity combined makes life so much more amazing, and I wouldn't trade these nights for anything. To see the full shoot head on over to Studio Bicyclette Blog.  Also check out all the bling from Armed, another local lady love talent. 

Party Supplies: Bash Party Goods
Photograher: Jason Matos
Models: Emily and Ana

Assistant: Abigail Ballanger 
Clothes: Honey
White Skirt: Breeyn McCarney
Jewellery: ARMED
Styling and Creative Direction: Studio Bicyclette 

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