Witchy Vibes for the New Year

Posted on Sunday, 3 January 2016

I feel like there was a consistent excitement for this new year. Everyone I talked to were pretty jazzed about the fresh start. To me it felt like 2015 was all about watering the seeds and planting some new ones. This year is about seeing those projects come to life and flourish. I did a lot of spiritual preparation for this new year and I came up with a phrase that I wanted to hold on to all year: let it go.  Let go of the attachment to things, outcomes, fears etc. To love the process, to have fun in the process and to love this moment, ya this very moment. Having goals and intentions for the year is so great and it gets things started in a bold way but what about loving the now? Maybe appreciating the now is how we move seamlessly to our goals. Here is a list of things Im loving to kick start and inspire you in the New Year.

The life changing magic to tidying up: I swear this brought magic into my life immediately! I am such a messy person but to be the sustainable and prosperous person I want to be this year I really needed to clear space for it. I will never tidy the same again and it made me get real about my life in such a good way, helloooo debt free I am coming for you. 

Being Boss podcast: My gal pal Paige, who also shares my affinity for podcasts, recommended this to me and specifically told me to listen to episode 51: Getting Witchy with Carolyn Elliott. Now I am obsessed with Carolyn, a self proclaimed witch and bad-ass entrepreneur and this podcast series. Go listen and try not to be intrigued as she describes Jesus as a witch, but like a totally cool good witch. 

New Moon Parties: I am going to pretend I invented these even though I know I totally didn't. I started hosting these for my work friends and now we do them every month and have the best time! I love introducing ritual, I feel like it connects you to a spiritual essence and makes life feel so magical. And who doesn't want to feel magical and like life has infinite possibilities! The next new moon is Jan 10th, a new moon in Capricorn. Capricorns are ambitious creatures so this one should be a fun one. The way I host the new moon parties is present all the guests with their own crystal for the month. I also discuss everyone's horoscope for the new moon, tying all the themes together. Then we do a burning ritual, which is the most fun part! 

Big Magic: Haven't dived into this book yet but it's on my list. With quotes like this "The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them." how can this not be a perfect and inspiring read. 

Gala Darling blog: She is witchy herself, teaches radical self love and is one very inspiring woman! I can read her blog for hours. And I had the privilege of interviewing her for an upcoming Girl Crush post on the Studio Bicyclette blog. 

Yoga with Adriene: I really want to add to my morning ritual of coffee and meditation with a yoga practice. I usually go to the Yoga Village on Rocessvalles which is my favourite place I have ever done yoga. They even do a pay what you choose model which is so forward thinking and community inspiring. But when I can't go, Yoga with Adriene is my girl, she has the best youtube yoga classes. I just started her yoga camp and I'm Psyched! 

Herbal Remedies: I swear I was a herbalist in a past life and it would definitely explain my science background, I know it's totally weird that I use to work in medicine. I would love to get back to my science roots by exploring herbal remedies. The Ginger Tonic Botanticals blog is amazing and will give me hours of reading material, plus she also did an episode of Being Boss. 

Zero Waste: Ok I am definitely not there yet but I want to be. Just discovered the Trash is for Tossers blog and she is living such a great sustainable life! I want to learn all her secrets. 

This year is about big change and creating the magical life I want! Let's get started. 

Photos, hair and makeup by Alison Sharp

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