Keep It Wild

Posted on Friday, 22 April 2016

Keep It Wild from Ana Alic on Vimeo.

Keep it wild means leaving things in their natural state, observing but not disturbing, appreciating the beauty and the wildness of a place. As an actress and writer living in Toronto my world was pretty mapped out; my focus was on how to land the next job, pay my bills, what dinner spot we would venture to that night. But every time I would go for a run in the park I would hear the whispers, those whispers that nature brings when you are quiet enough to listen. I felt the call from nature, asking me to explore, asking me to help in its preservation. Joining the ranks of other environmentalists through protest after protest, composting, public transit, using every energy saving hack I could find, becoming vegan, all the little things one can do on their own to try and fit into the big picture on carbon reduction. Still it didn’t seem like enough. I was still ingrained in a culture that values convenience, that consumes at an alarming rate, that are unaware of the environmental perils we face.

Costa Rica was my saving grace. It was a place I could focus on the positive and a place I could marvel at it’s beauty. I came to Costa Rica (with my dear friend Alison Sharp!) to discover why this small country in Central America cared so deeply about preserving and sustaining their land. The answer I found was embedded in the very nature of their way of life; the Pura Vida. They have already succeeding in running the country on renewables for 75 days straight, a promise for carbon neutrality by 2021 and a disbanded military since 1948 in an effort to focus the resources on social and environmental programs. Travelling in this country I was able to witness this reverence for nature first hand, how they integrate their lives with nature, how they respect and love their land and each other. But as most explorations can attest, you find something else you may not have been looking for.  We spent a week driving through most of this wild country, trying to soak up every experience this journey could give us. Driving in the jungle in a country where street addresses, road signs, signals, and street names are not very known or visible. Landmarks are how people get around here or in our case developing intuitive maps - something only time and hours of being lost will do. Something I couldn’t shake from this experience was the wildness of it all. An authentic, raw portrayal of life in this beautiful country. It was on one of our 7 hour journeys that I really understood the depth of the country. We arrived in a small surf town called Nosara, just as the sun was setting over the beach, horses were tied up to the palm tree, jewel-tone colours dancing in the distance, I took a long breath in trying to extract the magic of it all. How can this country get more beautiful by the day I thought, how did I get so lucky?

“Costa Rica is the adventure you don’t know you’ll take,” a dear new friend who owns a small coffee plantation parlayed his experiential wisdom to me. Maybe it was all linked, the adventure and the spirit of the culture, the thoughtfulness towards the land, the happiness and gratitude that was apparent in every person we encountered. Maybe that was the secret all along, to honour their country, their land and each other - was to Keep It Wild.

I really believe that we can all do something, no matter how small, to contribute to the preservation and lets be real - saving of our planet. This documentary was my small something, a chance to be inspired by a place and focus on the beauty and positivity and the hope that we can change things.

Happy Earth Day!

  1. I love this and i love you and I'm so so proud of you! <3 - Clarianne