Cabin Life

Posted on Thursday, 26 May 2016

I think my very favourite thing to do is explore the outdoors. No matter where you are you can always find something cool/new/weird/beautiful and I can spend hours strolling the streets and looking at old houses and in this case cabins and be curious about the inhabitants. My family has had a cottage in Haliburton, Ontario for oh maybe 10 years now. And even though I have spent so much time there I still find new places to explore. I ventured up a hill and through the forest right across from our cottage and found a charming cabin hidden away in the woods. Quietly walking up the path I surveyed the area and concluded that no one was home. Surely they wouldn't mind a friendly guest exploring their cute getaway, admiring from the outside, careful not to disturb the surroundings. And then I found the most charming outhouse I ever did see with a crescent moon carved on the door, my favourite symbol. It's as if this was here waiting for me to find it all along, all these years. I set up my camera and lost track of time, the woods were still, the sun exposing the beauty of the area, it was meditative, it was sweet solitude. Then a welcome interruption from my boyfriend, I didn't realize I was gone for so long, natures a wonderful remedy for stagnancy. We went kayaking, ate the most delicious food (vegan butternut squash for me please!) and ended the night with a bonfire and star gazing on the dock. It's funny when life brings you moments you always wanted and when they come you realize that life can be so happy and easy when you let the universe worry about the details and do it's thing, it's always planning something more amazing and better for you anyways. Less making plans and more living in moments. 

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