Grace Design Styling

Posted on Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I love meeting other creatives that share my sentiment of bohemian styling, where more is more and fringe is our friend. Working with Alison Gledhill of Grace Design feels exactly like that! She brings an eclectic eye through her travels and her pieces are made with textiles from all over the world. Each piece tells a story of tradition, folklore and culture. Alison decided on a more tropical feel for this shoot and I was completely in! Having just visited Costa Rica with another Alison (so many talented babes called Alison) who happens to be the photographer and makeup/hair artist for this shoot, we were both so inspired by our tropical travels in the jungle that we were very excited to say the least. Modelled by one of my favourites, the always gorgeous and beautiful spirit that I am lucky to call my friend, Genevieve Hutchinson. She fully embodied our tropical boho babe and we had the best time and a very hot time in this greenhouse!

Designer: Grace Design
Styling: Ana Alic
Photography, Makeup and Hair: Alison Sharp
Model: Genevieve Hutchinson
Some clothing provided by: Mama Loves You Vintage

Garden City

Posted on Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bike ride exploring is at the top of my summer list and when you have babely friends who explore with you it's even better. I have been taking my camera everywhere I go to get in the practice of taking better photos, it's a work in progress I know and sometimes I find myself comparing my modest little blog space to others. It's so hard not to compare in this digital world but I want to use it as inspiration to get better. I have many other creative projects on the go that I have been taking thoughtful time in but for this space I just want to play, experiment and grow and basically share my daily happenings as they are happening. 

It was a beautiful day filled with coffee, vegan tacos from rancho relaxo, and a discovery of a community garden. We hung out with the flowers and enjoyed the fresh smell of dill that was harvested and appreciated earths bounty. We ended our bike rendezvous with some raspberry and mango sorbet and took in the charming community of Roncessvalles as we caught up on our lives and had some soul chats on the sidewalk. Summer friendship love at it's finest. 

New shades from Komono and Jorden de Ruiter daisy one piece. 

Celebrating The Summer Solstice

Posted on Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Something that has really expanded and made my life more exciting and happy is bringing ritual into my daily and monthly practice. It's really about taking the time out of a busy schedule and celebrating the now and has allowed me to deepen my friendships and my own spiritual practice. For instance my new moon parties with my friends from work have strengthened our friendship and allowed us to get together once a month and focus on positive change and setting intentions. Everyone comes in with a curiosity and willingness to experience something new, something they haven't thought of before. 

June is a special month for me because it is my birthday month and the beginning of summer, something I always appreciate and look forward to. The strawberry full moon occurs in June it's name comes from Native American tribes celebrating the strawberry season at it's peak. It's also referred to as the rose moon because of the reddish tint it receives from being so close to the horizon. The dusted rose hint dancing in the distance and watching over us with a beautiful glow and promise of a rosy summer. This year the full moon landed on the summer solstice, and rare occurrence and a beautiful time to celebrate this majestic moon. For this special event, Paige of Studio Bicyclette and myself decided to create a styled photoshoot using inspiration from the strawberry moon. Bringing in the elements of the moon, the mystics, ritual and the shades of summer pink we designed a garden party full of moon and strawberry inspired desserts! Strawberry shortcake, crescent moon watercolour cookies and cupcakes adorned in crystal candies filled our lace covered table scape. Our dear friend Alex Perlin designed custom made tarot cards, Parlour Salon created bohemian inspired hair and makeup looks, Fitzroy boutique provided gorgeous rental dresses in all shades of pink/metallic/white/black and Anice Jewellery provided the perfect delicate crystal embellished jewellery. Photographed by the bubbly and exquisitely talented Scarlet O'Neill and hosted at the Mexican Bistro Fonda Lola, making all of our moon dreams come true. It was a celebration of creativity, femininity, love, wonder and mysticism for our lunar mother. It was a full moon in Sagittarius and marks the change of seasons and brings forth a new awakening and fresh start. There was caution of thunder storms all day but our mystic mama held off the rain and illuminated our sky with pastel shades of orange and pink. 

Here are 5 ways I will be celebrating the summer and bringing forth new horizons:

1) Finding magic in the outdoors: Our summer window is very short and we must soak up every moment we can. Running through the park, meditating on the beach or simply sitting on the porch or balcony with a glass of wine will bring ease and joy to the summer. This summer I want to camp in Tobermory in a yurt! 

2) Embrace change: This summer my roommate will be moving out and I will be living alone for the first time. It is so important to welcome change and see the benefits of it. I will miss her dearly but it is also exciting to challenge myself to find new ways to create more money for rent, host a dinner party, redecorate the apartment and learn how to cook healthy vegan meals. 

3) Create a travel bucket list: Map out places you want to visit this year, even if it happens in the fall or winter months. You can even create a list of outdoor activities to do in your own city! Places on my list this year is Joshua Tree in California and Hawaii. Outdoor activities in the city of Toronto - Dufferin Grove farmers market, Toronto Flower Market, outdoor movie screenings, bike rides exploring different neighborhoods and paddle boarding?! Maybe yes maybe. 

4) Create a new ritual: I love starting something new at the change of seasons, it feels like a little boost from the universe and sets up a season of change. It can be simple like meditating every morning or creating a new workout ritual. My summer ritual is to drink more water! I don't drink enough and there is no better time to really make water a priority....I am also going to incorporate a prayer to the Irish Moon goddess at the new moon party thanks to my new Moon Lore book. 

5) Spark your creativity: What have you been wanting to create but think its not the right time or you aren't ready? The truth is you will never be ready and you will always learn and gain something from creating. It can be as simple as a DIY you always wanted to try. I tried this macrame DIY for the moon party. It can be something you have wanted to do for so long, like the short film I want to create this summer. Whatever it is just try it! Go for it! Pick a day and create it for the pure enjoyment of creating. 

What are the things you want to do this summer?

p.s. the full shoot will be released soon! These photos are from my iphone.