Garden City

Posted on Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bike ride exploring is at the top of my summer list and when you have babely friends who explore with you it's even better. I have been taking my camera everywhere I go to get in the practice of taking better photos, it's a work in progress I know and sometimes I find myself comparing my modest little blog space to others. It's so hard not to compare in this digital world but I want to use it as inspiration to get better. I have many other creative projects on the go that I have been taking thoughtful time in but for this space I just want to play, experiment and grow and basically share my daily happenings as they are happening. 

It was a beautiful day filled with coffee, vegan tacos from rancho relaxo, and a discovery of a community garden. We hung out with the flowers and enjoyed the fresh smell of dill that was harvested and appreciated earths bounty. We ended our bike rendezvous with some raspberry and mango sorbet and took in the charming community of Roncessvalles as we caught up on our lives and had some soul chats on the sidewalk. Summer friendship love at it's finest. 

New shades from Komono and Jorden de Ruiter daisy one piece. 

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