Secret Garden

Posted on Thursday, 25 August 2016

I am working on this styling post while listening to a podcast I just discovered! I love me some good podcasts and this one is SO GOOD. That's so retrograde is the name and its all about wellness and spirituality and witchy vibes so obviously it's perfect for me. I am listening to 'pod goals' and they have the unreal Sophia Bush who I admire so much and she talks about her year of yes among so many other amazing topics. Just listen its inspiring beyond words. It also really made me think about ways I do say yes to my life, like even something as simple as going out with my tripod and taking photos to cultivate and contribute to my blog. And also made me think about the moments I have said no, when have I thought oh that's too much money or I am not skilled enough to do that. You know those voices that are there making you think you are not worth leading the exact life that you want. And how does the life you have serve? We all have those inklings of things that our soul craves to create. Say yes to the inklings. 

Dress: Show me your mumu from Fitzroy Boutique

Strawberry Full Moon Party

Posted on Thursday, 18 August 2016

Today there is a full moon in Aquarius, with this water illumination and a feminine vision what better way to celebrate than to release our styled Strawberry Full Moon photoshoot. The full moon has been celebrated and incorporated in ritual for well... many moons! With it's majestic glow it is a powerful force working with the cosmos. The strawberry full moon occurs in June and is named after the strawberry season by Native American tribes, finding moments to celebrate the bounty of mother earth. It is also referred to as the rose moon because of its pinkish hue, a soft hazy glow perfect for those long summer nights. Each full moon brings about different elements and celebration, calling us all to marvel at the moon's beautiful light and ease into a moment of gratitude for our moon goddess. 

This year the strawberry full moon landed on the summer solstice! A rare occurance and perfect occasion to celebrate the summer, the warm nights, the electric love, the soulful energy. I partnered with Paige of Studio Bicyclette for this soiree as we both have a serious love for fun and whimsical parties with our best girlfriends. We took inspiration from the strawberry full moon and incorporated moon themes and hues of rose and pink mixed with mystical elements of custom designed tarot cards by our dear friend Alex Perlin and shimmery silvers and black party dresses by our loves from Fitzroy Boutique. Fitzroy provided theses dreamy dresses from their amazing rental service, which was paired perfectly with delicate jewels from Anice Jewellery. These looks could not be complete without the help of hair and makeup team extraordinaire from Parlour Boutique, who gave us all boho mystical vibes, so stunning! Our local love Lady Hayes created the most jaw dropping flower crown specific to our theme, worn by the mystical unicorn herself Genevieve Hutchinson. We stepped into a beautiful backyard terrace at Fonda Lola Mexican Bistro, a magical oasis perfect for our moon coven. They also created a delicious strawberry mojito for the event, it was summer perfection in a glass. To capture this special event we partnered with our go-to gal for the dreamiest photos, Scarlet O'Neill. Such a dream team of creatives. For more photos and diy's from the photoshoot head over to the Studio Bicyclette blog.

If you are planning on celebrating the full moon tonight I have a special moon ritual for you! This ritual can be done solo to have a magical night in and some self-care. It can also be done with a group of friends for some good food, wine and magical times. 

What you will need:
- crystals
- flowers
- sage or palo santo
- candles
- paper and pen

Find a crystal that resonates with you. I like to go to my favourite shop in Toronto, Geologic, and just pick out a crystal that calls to me. I have the crystal bible book but you can find most crystal meanings online. Today I am using amethyst, it's gorgeous and calming and is a very protective stone that blocks negative environmental energies. It is great for the mind, calming and stimulating, whichever you need! This full moon helps us to see the big picture and to value freedom of expression and creativity. To break the old habits and start fresh with a new way at looking at the world. You can find out more on the Mystic Mamma blog. 

Create a sacred space by lighting a few candles, clearing the air with sage or palo santo and setting out your crystal of choice. Take your flowers and create a triangle with the stems, if you have extra flowers you can lay them around as well. In the centre of the triangle leave some space, this is where you will be placing your pieces of paper. Play some music if you want as well to set the mood. Read the meaning of the crystal and set it in front of you, have that in your mind. Before starting any ritual it is important to always surround yourself in positive energy so you can close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by white light. After you can say a thanking to the moon. I have used the moon prayer in the book Moon Lore:

Greeting to you gem of the night! beauty of the skies, gem of the night!
Mother of the stars, gem of the night! Foster-child of the sun, gem of the night!
Majesty of the stars, gem of the night!

-from Carmina Gadelica, vol. III

After that you write five things you are grateful for and place them in the centre. Then you write five things you want to manifest and place them in the centre. You end with a thanking of the lunar goddess and recite "and so it is"

Enjoy this beautiful full moon with positive light and love!

Creative direction and styling: Studio Bicyclette and Ana Alic
Photographer: Scarlet O'Neill 
Location and strawberry mojitos: Fonda Lola
Makeup: Logan Salter
Dress rentals: Fitzroy Boutique
Jewellery: Anice Jewellery
Flower Crown: Lady Hayes
Tarot cards and invitations: Alex Perlin
Assistant: Abigail Ballanger

Sustainable Living: Food

Posted on Sunday, 14 August 2016

I wanted to start a new series on the blog to dive deeper into a topic I am extremely passionate about: sustainable living. It is a lifestyle that aims to reduce the use of the earth's natural resources in an effort to cultivate the earths bounty, less waste and more conscious living practices. Now you are probably not going to be running off and moving into an earthship anytime soon, even though they are so cool and sustainable! But I wanted to touch on some simple tips to integrate into your existing life, if we all start doing little things it will lead to more and make a difference. When it comes to food waste in North America about 30-40% for food supply is wasted. What is crazy is that so much resources goes into producing food and then we are just throwing it away. The documentary 'Just Eat It' is a comprehensive and startling look at food waste. All of this waste is producing harmful methane gas from garbage in the landfills, it is released during the breakdown of organic matter. The documentary revealed that much of the waste was coming from the consumer, meaning household waste. This shocking truth is also an opportunity as each of us can control the amount of waste we create. Here are my tips:
  • Only buy what you know you will eat! This sounds simple but many do not practice this idea. I go to the market every other day which allows me to only buy what I need for those days. Make a plan and before you make your shopping list find ways to create many different meals with the produce you buy. Get creative and use all the food you have before going back to the grocery store.
  • Hang out at farmers markets. It is the best way to get healthy produce directly from the farmers themselves. It is usually lower in cost and has the freshest food. It's also a great way to find out what is in season.
  • Bring reusable supplies! Always have a tote bag ready for your groceries, plastic bags are used once and then tossed. I recently discovered reusable produce bags that I purchased from the Food Co-op, so no more plastic for produce anymore. 
  • Buy a really good thermos. My boyfriend bought me a klean kanteen for my birthday and put a carabiner on it so I can hook it onto my backpack while I ride my bike. Such a perfect and smart gift! I use it all the time and never have to waste coffee cups again.
  • Stock up at the bulk barn and then transfer those spices, pasta noodles etc into glass jars.
  • Grow your own food. Balcony gardens are such a trendy yet amazing thing right now. I love how people are really investing in their own food. This is such a great idea for city dwellers. An easy one to have is mint! 
  • Share with your friends. I'll admit I am not the greatest cook and am working on getting better but I have a friend at work that will bring me leftovers like a pasta sauce she made too much of. This is a super kind gesture and allows you to show off your cooking skills and not waste.
  • When you do go out to a restaurant why not bring an empty container for leftovers. Most restaurants do not use eco-friendly take away boxes so bring your own if you can! Also ask for your drinks to come without a straw or any fruit, you help the restaurant save on product and you help the planet too! win-win.
Have anymore tips you can share with me? I am always looking for more sustainable practices so I would love to hear them. Looking forward to more ideas on this ever expanding topic. 

Hair, Makeup and Photography: Alison Sharp
Tank Top: Society6
Tote bag: Fitzroy Boutique
Hat: Janessa Leone 

Styling for Society6

Posted on Saturday, 13 August 2016

I am really REALLY excited to share the styling work I did for Society6. They have the cutest prints, made by designers from all over the globe. I worked with a truly amazing team of creatives for this back to school style guide (I remember those campus days ha!) Photographer Angela Lewis totally nailed the vibe and her work is not only beautiful but tells a story which I love!! My babely best Genevieve Hutchinson was the obvious choice as model and looks stunning in every photo! I love her spirit and she just has the biggest heart, beauty and kindness, she's a real life unicorn. We also used most of her closet for styling, couldn't be more perfect!! And we couldn't have pulled off this shoot without makeup and hair artist and one of my truly best friends, Alison Sharp. She gave our Genevieve a glowy cali goddess look along with so many cool hair looks, loved it! It was so rad working with my sis, Nada Alic, who pulled the whole team together for her company Society6. 

You can check out the whole story along with style tips for your first week on campus here on the Society6 blog. You'll want to check out my references to clueless, because Cher is serious style goals, obv. 

Photography: Angela Lewis
Makeup and Hair: Alison Sharp
Styling: Ana Alic