Posted on Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It isn't summer without my favourite tradition, the sweaty dance-my-face-off, sit on your shoulders to watch their biggest hit, beer swigging, mesmerizing tradition of a music festival. For three days I get lost in the sea of strangers turned comrades, bond with my besties, create moments forever etched into my soul and transcend to creative euphoria. Each year different, each one bringing me new joys. This year was Osheaga, my third time at this beauty of a fest, and when artist after artist proclaimed it to be the best in the world you can't help but sit back and watch it be. 

After days of scouring the internet and calling every b&b in Montreal, we ended up finding a quirky motel in Saint Basile-le-Grand, the other side of the festival island. Set in the picturesque (if you can call a train station and McDonalds picturesque) middle-of-nowhere we had our clean and modest refuge for the weekend, boasting its very own slot machines and hallways reminiscent of 'the shining': charming. But who needs fancy hand soaps and mints on your pillow when each day is about optimizing your time at the festival and timing everything just right to watch all your favourites, but with so many good gems at this year's festival some soldiers were left behind, Im talking to you Bastille and The Paper Kites, sigh. Traveling with two other music obsessed nerds there was no room for naps in the grass or beer chugging challenges (many beers were had at the comfort of the stage) and plans were cemented long before our car karaoke road trip. Kaleo stole my heart on Friday with that sultry voice and hints of country twang, Elle King gave us a dose of girl power as she commanded the stage, chugged her wine, swore like a sailor and gave us the best mantra of the weekend, " The worst thing they can say is no, and no is negotiable" preach girl!! And oh the Lumineers, how beautiful they were as the sun was setting. Misterwives bounced around the stage in her polkadot ensemble loving life in that moment, July Talk did their thang and elated the crowd, The Barr Brothers soothed my folk needs, Haim gave us more girl crushes to add to our list, and the couple standing beside me got engaged during Death Cab for Cutie, which set left us in goosebumps. And then there was Borns in all of their 60's glory giving our gal Randi all the feels and one of her best moments during Electric Love. Leon Bridges made a lover out of me, in his Texas Gentlemen t-shirt and pleated navy blue trousers, and when he played a cover of Ginuwine's pony I nearly died and transported to another universe where everything I love existed in one moment. And then the sexy southern Nathaniel Rateliff with his love of Bernie Sanders, apology for south of our border and hints of becoming an expat living in Canada because he's for the working people! The sun was blasting on us, the heat all encompassing but it didn't matter we needed to dance to every song. He ended with S.O.B and Randi and I jumped in exhilaration, it was perfect and worth every cent of the scalper ticket. 

By day three we were pros, navigating those forest laden pathways and secret hideaways with pops of art installations, my favourites were the photo walls, forest of lights and tiny village. We found a vegan food truck on day three! I was over the moon with joy, I could finally stop eating protein bars and the only veggie burger option I could find. Our band we created, appropriately named 'adults' consisting of myself, my very well styled boyfriend Eric and our lovely best gal Randi conquered the festival with gusto. I can say we truly lived in the moment (minus some instagram posts) and focused all of our attention on the music, it was our church. I couldn't be happier with our friendship and the bond we cemented, our weird little three amigos can truly go anywhere in this world and make each moment the best moment ever. Until next time Osheaga, you gave us all life and pure joy and we will forever be indebted  to your graces. 

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