Secret Garden

Posted on Thursday, 25 August 2016

I am working on this styling post while listening to a podcast I just discovered! I love me some good podcasts and this one is SO GOOD. That's so retrograde is the name and its all about wellness and spirituality and witchy vibes so obviously it's perfect for me. I am listening to 'pod goals' and they have the unreal Sophia Bush who I admire so much and she talks about her year of yes among so many other amazing topics. Just listen its inspiring beyond words. It also really made me think about ways I do say yes to my life, like even something as simple as going out with my tripod and taking photos to cultivate and contribute to my blog. And also made me think about the moments I have said no, when have I thought oh that's too much money or I am not skilled enough to do that. You know those voices that are there making you think you are not worth leading the exact life that you want. And how does the life you have serve? We all have those inklings of things that our soul craves to create. Say yes to the inklings. 

Dress: Show me your mumu from Fitzroy Boutique

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