Cabin Love

Posted on Monday, 5 September 2016

Every time I escape the city I never want to come back. The peacefulness, the sacred rhythm of the land, the sounds of nature, the stars that blanket the sky and go on for miles, the list is endless. Anxiety washes away the moment I am surrounded by nature. The need to do big things, be the best, have the best is quieted. In it's place I find inspiration springing up in every thought, ease and love of life, a need for play and connection. I cherish these moments beyond words, it's what fuels my soul. It is the same feeling when I travel, to marvel at the iridescent sunset, to hike new lands, the slumber amongst new stars. There is so much beauty is nature's authenticity, it is what it is and never tries to be beautiful, it just is. Nature takes it's time, it grows when it is suppose to grow, never being forced, perfect in the timing of its life.

I have been thinking a lot about timing lately, mostly in terms of my career. In truth I gave away an audition to venture to the cabin, something I rarely if ever do. I have been working hard trying and trying at my craft because I want it to happen now. But just like the perfect timing of summer's sweet breeze things have their own timeline. So I went to the cabin to be with my friends and my love, to bask in summer's end. My experience so far in life is that as long as you are ready and you let go of the timing of things - everything just works out, it has to, that is the law of the universe and our proof is in the lakes, and the trees and the sunsets and the blissful summer nights.

The new moon in September joined us on our cabin retreat. We greeted it with open arms and a new moon ritual around the camp fire. Burning the things that no longer served us, a way to connect to our lunar mother and each other. I don't really know what this one means but I know how it feels. It feels like getting things done and creating the life you want and deserve. It feels like a knowing, even if that knowing is still hidden, there is a knowing there longing to come out. It feels like acknowledging the beauty around us and the sweetness that fall will bring. It feels like love and appreciation that someone somehow could find you and like all your quirks and will dance on a slackline with you to a dirty dancing song and still think you are pretty cool. It feels like friendship that holds you up and is thoughtful and kind but most importantly a sure bet. We each chose a crystal to help us through the transition from summer to fall, my favourite time of year. Carnelian was my chosen gem and what I needed to have.  It grounds and anchors you in the present reality, it is excellent in restoring vitality and motivation, and for stimulating creativity. It banishes emotional negativity and replaces it with a love of life (from the crystal bible). If life is made up of moments like these I want them all to be filled with magic and wonder, beauty and love and the curiosity of what lies beyond the stars while laying of the dock hand in hand with your tribe.

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