Oh Mercury Retrograde

Posted on Thursday, 22 September 2016

Oh Mercury Retrograde you are over today and I am feeling a little more like myself again. If you have been feeling the effects, lost in translation, technically challenged you are definitely not alone. I had some pretty heartbreaking things evolve during this retrograde and it left me completely blindsided and lost. I felt the depths of pain, a hollow feeling of defeat. So many unanswered questions, my brain just couldn't comprehend the words others were saying. That is retrograde for you, it is the painful reminder that things change and it's time to really take a step back and look at your life. If you are anything like me and have clearly made a soul agreement way before entering this world to do big scary things, to step into unknown territory and to expand in great leaps, then as soon as comfort and familiarity sets in you need to shake things up or life will do it for you. I am a gemini and mercury is my ruler so alas things shake up stronger for me, oh joy! Mercury runs our communication, thinking, truth and travel, and when it goes retrograde meaning it appears to be travelling backwards these things also go backwards (thanks gala darling for all the helpful info).

So what to do when you've hit the elusive cement floor? Take it all in, don't hide from it, let it be what it may be. Felling the pain and going through the wave is important. Through deep pain is transformation, it is the way we can find ourselves again and discover the things we are meant to be doing. Ask yourself what is this here to teach me? It may be hard at first, when you are freshly still in it, picking away at the scab. Find beauty in just being, in not having all the answers. There is this beautiful thing that happens when sadness comes along, at least for me, I felt like I was floating around truly as I am. I wasn't worried about what other people thought of me, of being too emotional, heck of even crying at the coffee shop that one day, I was being human and honest and there is so much beauty in that.

The magic part, yes I am getting there. You see the important things more clearly, your dreams come to life and creativity bleeds out of you. Meditation is and always will be my saving grace, it is the way I can quiet my mind long enough to hear some answers. It is where I can feel the pain and it be ok. You can discover your next move through meditation, to sift through the chaos. It takes practice and patience but it will come easier, just remember that meditation can be anything you make it, there's no real wrong way to do it. It is a moment in your day that you can say "hey I am going to be kind to my thoughts, I am going to choose the ones that soothe me."

Other magical ways to help you in the aftermath of a retrograde:

This interview with Tony Robbins

Watch the movie Captain Fantastic

How to survive Mercury Retrograde by Gala Darling

Bad Moon Rising bath salts from Gem Honey, smells delicious, is relaxing and is charged with quartz crystal for magical healing

Listen to this podcast by psychic teachers

get yourself a copy of Future You zine (written by my sis!)

on my to read list: Gabby Bernstein The Universe Has Your Back

There you have it, a little bit of magic meditation and a little bit of magical soul tools to help you weather the storm. And remember storms come and go and what they leave behind is a clear shore, a new day and a stronger you.

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