Moon Child for Jordan de Ruiter

Posted on Friday, 2 December 2016

Because it's December and everything feels so magical and sparkly this time of year, we even decorated our tiny christmas tree (which has a planter and we plan to keep him alive and plant him) and we named him Neil Young...I wanted to share the photos from a shoot I styled and modelled for, Jordan de Ruiter's Spring/Summer 2017 collection. We shot at this amazing cabin in Wasaga Beach, the weather was not on our side and the winds and rain were crazy! We used the elements and incorporated it into our theme of Moon Child, all the witchy beach vibes and spells. The shoot evoked feelings of wanderlust and the mystics, with powerful females leading the creative pack, it was such a fun day. 

Photography: Angela Lewis
Makeup and Hair: Misty Fox
Jewellery: BB Tresors
Styling: Ana Alic
Models: Gaby Henderson and Ana Alic

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