Sustainable Living: The Holidays

Posted on Friday, 9 December 2016

I do love the holidays but lets be real here it can be quite stressful and wasteful. There is so much pressure to buy gifts, attend parties and look sparkly in a new dress, and decorate your pad with the cutest pinterest worthy decorations. But if we can shift our perspective and integrate the idea of sustainability, we can bring back the real meaning behind the times and enjoy all the magical moments like Judy Garland and the first snowfall! How can you spend less, create more and decrease your environmental impact? Enjoying the holidays with a sustainability mindset will save you money (bonus!) and bring more ease and mindfulness into your life, here are my tips:

Decor - Use what you already have! Why go out and buy new lights when you have a great set at home? Get creative and decorate with them in a new way. I had some beautiful dried flowers, roses and lavender and made them into bundles to create a mantle. I added some ornaments and lights and it brings an antique holiday feel to my apartment. I also purchased some antique ornaments from a vintage shop and they are beautifully hand crafted and special. Vintage shops have some really great decorating pieces that you will not find anywhere else and will make your space look unique. 

For our Christmas tree we purchased one in a planter and are deciding to plant the tree in the spring! We named him Neil Young and take good care of him until that time. This way we are planting a tree and not wasting, also small tress are perfect for apartments. I found some string lights left outside my apartment that someone was throwing away, they were working perfectly so I gave the lights a new home. I also helped my friend create a decorative wall tree, we foraged branches from the park, painted and added glitter to pine cones and added some antique ornaments. Repurpose and reuse, get crafty and bring some individuality to your holiday decorating. 

Gifts - Giving gifts is so much fun and makes this time really special, but I always try to shop local. I have my go-to local shops that carry so many beautiful artisanal pieces made by hand from real people! You support artists when you shop local and also will give really unique gifts. I love shops like Likely General that have such amazing gift ideas like their Gem Honey quartz charged bath salts that I am obsessed with! 

I really love making gifts for people and I am in love with the company Artifacts Uprising that make it so easy to create gorgeous photo books and goods from responsibly sourced materials. Their website is so easy to use and creating a photo book as a gift is so special, anyone would love it! I created one from the photos I took on my recent family trip to California. 

Holiday Outfits -  As a stylist I just love new clothing, but as an environmentalist I love sustaining our planet more...It is definitely a balance for me but for this holiday season I am trying hard to get creative with the clothes I already have. And if I need something glittery and amazing for a party I will rent from Fitzroy Boutique, who have gorgeous curated dress rentals, sharing clothing at its finest. Also there is nothing like a great vintage piece, most of my sequins and oh-so appropriate items for this time of year are from my vintage collection. Also if you must get something new go local!! Shop from one of the amazing independent designers we have in this city or online, Jordan de Ruiter is my always first choice and she has some of the cutest holiday dresses. 

Also lets try to eat a little more veggies this holiday season, compost when you can and bring some bunners cupcakes to your next party - your friends will love you for it! 

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